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The grid template is a singular grid cell, which has the ability to display any image (usually a block or item) that is uploaded as Grid <Name>.png, within it.


All inputs are optional:

|[Title]Mod:Name,Amount[Description]; [Title2]Mod2:Name2,Amount2[Description2]
|mod=Default mod (useful for animations and layout templates)
|default=Image always shown under the main image
|align=Vertical Alignment
|link=Link override
|title=Text show on mouseover
|class=Adds additional classes to the .grid class
|style=Adds styling to the .grid
|imgclass=Adds additional classes to the .item
|numstyle=Adds styling to the number


The first parameter is a special parameter consisting of various "parts" grouped together in frames (delimited by ;) which will be display one after another if JavaScript is enabled. Every part is optional, but without "name", won't do anything.

Simple example

To display this image File:Grid Raw Porkchop.png with an amount of 20 you would put: {{Grid|Raw Porkchop,20}}



An amount of 2–999 is supported, anything else will not be displayed.

If no image is specified, the background will be added on its own, this could be used to do layouts like so:


However this is really inefficient and produces ugly code, so don't do this. Use Template:BlockGrid or Template:Schematic instead.


Note: Banner variations are not included due to how many there are.

The above aliases can be used to shorten common items, such as all wood blocks or adding parts to certain names by default.

{{Grid|Any Wood;Golden Apple}}


When using the alias, parts can be added which will override any parts in the alias.

{{Grid|Any Wood,4;[&oShiny Apple]Enchanted Golden Apple}}


444444Shiny Apple

Mods can specify an additional aliases table using the modaliases parameter.

Titles and description

The title parameter can be used to set a title for all frames.

{{Grid|Raw Porkchop; Cooked Porkchop|title=Smelly Pork}}


To remove the title, set it to "none": {{Grid|Raw Porkchop; Cooked Porkchop|title=none}}


However, the first bracketed text can be used to specify a title for each frame individually, and also supports standard formatting codes using & instead of §. If the title only contains formatting codes and no actual text, the formatting will be added to the normal title.

{{Grid|[&e]Enchanted Book}}


마법이 부여된 책

The last bracketed text can be used to specify a description, this also supports standard formatting codes, and can also have multiple lines by using forward slashes (/).

{{Grid|[&b&oExcalibur]Iron Sword[&7Smite V/Fire Aspect I//&9+6 Attack Damage]}}



Align uses the vertical-align CSS property. For example to align to the middle: Smells like {{Grid|Raw Porkchop|align=middle}} in here!


Smells like in here!


Default is always shown and is placed under the image. {{Grid|default=layout Brewing Empty}}{{Grid|Splash Mundane Potion|default=layout Brewing Empty}}



To change the link for all frames from the image name put: {{Grid|Charcoal|link=Coal#Charcoal}}


To remove the link, set link to none: {{Grid|Charcoal|link=none}}


Note that this retains the title.


A mod image is specified with the Mod: section of the name (or by setting a default mod using the mod parameter). The image link will then link to the mod sub-page allowing correct linking of mod images. The uploaded image name should by uploaded as Grid <Name> (<Mod>).png and should be added to the Grid mods category, which prevents them from being confused with official Minecraft items.
For example, to display this mod image File:Grid Bronze Sword (IndustrialCraft).png: {{Grid|IndustrialCraft:Bronze Sword}} (or {{Grid|mod=IndustrialCraft|Bronze Sword}})


Bronze Sword

Grids can be animated with a theoretically unlimited amount of frames, between mod items and vanilla items. Frames are separated by semi-colons (;).

IndustrialCraft:Bronze Sword,6;
Grass Block,5;
Gold Helmet,12;
IndustrialCraft:Bronze Helmet,2;

64Bronze Sword65[[Gold Helmet|12Bronze Helmet2구리50

As you can see, the mod had to be specified for each mod frame, this is where the default mod parameter is useful. {{Grid|mod=IndustrialCraft|Bronze Sword,6; ; Bronze Helmet,12; Copper,50; Copper Dust}}


Bronze Sword6Bronze Helmet12구리50Copper Dust

To use a vanilla minecraft item when a default mod is set, use "vanilla" (shortcut "v") or "minecraft" (shortcut "mc") as the mod (case insensitive).

Bronze Sword,6;
V:Grass Block,5;
Minecraft:Gold Helmet,12;
Bronze Helmet,2;
mc:Redstone Dust

64Bronze Sword65[[Gold Helmet|12Bronze Helmet2구리50

Available images

이 부분의 본문은 Template:Grid/Available images입니다.

Other templates

These templates implement this template into a GUI screen which mimics how it would look in Minecraft. Thus, they have mostly the same features as this template. 틀:Grid/See also