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This item has been officially removed or made unobtainable. 
It can still be obtained using third-party software. However, this can cause unexpected behavior such as bugs and crashes.
잠긴 상자
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재생 가능한 자원



가능 (64)



폭발 저항










용암 불 방지


잠긴 상자2014년 마인크래프트 만우절 장난에 추가된 블록이다. 만우절 장난이 끝나도 존재했으며 1.7까지 간간히 존재했다. 1.7버전, 잠긴상자는 갑작스레 사라진다.


일단 이 상자를 열면 일단 Steve Co. Supply Crate라는 문구가 뜬다. 구글로 번역하면 스티브 주식 공급 크레이트가 되는데 이 상자를 열려면 마인크래프트 상점으로 가게 된다.

마인크래프트 상점[]

  • Steve Co. Supply Crate 열쇠 ($3)
  • Steve Co. Supply Crate 열쇠 5세트 ($18)
  • 광부의 모자 ($21)
  • 이름 바꾸기 ($99)
  • 크리퍼 샌들 ($42)
  • 크리퍼의 비밀 ($155)
  • 거인 약 ($2)
  • 지원에서의 응답($494)

Comming soon이라는 문구가 적힌 칸도 볼 수 있다.(가격 $75, $7와 $1499) 그 중 하나인 "정기 자물쇠" 는 $8다.


  • 베타 1.4_01 업데이트에서 한번에 부술 수 있는 잠긴상자가 등장했다. 만약에 부숴지지 않았다면, 나뭇잎 처럼 디스폰 된다.
  • Locked chests are a reference to the Mann Co. Supply Crates[1] from Team Fortress 2, where a key must be purchased for $2.49 in the in-game shop called Mann Co. Store in order to open the crate.[2]
  • The store page uses the font tf2build.ttf from Team Fortress 2. The font is downloadable from here.
  • Clicking on the proceed to checkout button triggers a screamer in which a Velociraptor from the movie Jurassic Park will growl loudly and fly across the screen.
  • Entering items totaling over $10,000 into the cart causes a window pop-up asking if you are prone to seizures. Entering OK makes the screen start flashing. When first released, there was no seizure warning label, Notch later implemented it to avoid lawsuits and posts on the forum.
  • This may have been what Notch was talking about in his Twitter post about a "silly secret project".[3]
  • Locked chests could generate in mid air or in the tops of trees.
  • If destroyed by TNT and collected, locked chests can be used as fuel in a Furnace like normal chests. They burn for 15 seconds each.
  • Locked chests could be placed next to each other to form a 2 block long chest like normal chests do. These two chests are still however "locked".
  • On April 2nd (the day following April Fools), the store had the addition of a multicolored banner which read '♥ April Fools! ♥', accompanied by a midi instrumental of Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. Tobias Mollstam stated that this was "the best script he's written to date".[4]
  • Any locked chests previously loaded (naturally) will be gone. This means that if you found a chest after Beta 1.4, but before Beta 1.4_01, it will be gone. Any locked chests that were placed by players, such as those on multiplayer servers, have no function, other than providing light, and if left clicked will just despawn.
  • The server console outputted "added a chest!" each time a chest was generated.
  • Even though the regular Chest's model was changed in Beta 1.8, the locked chest still uses the old model.