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빛나는 흑요석
빛나는 흑요석.png 업로드
재생 가능한 자원



됨 (64)


폭발 저항





발광 (12)


할 수 없음



용암 불 방지


Nether Reactor Core.png
이 아이템은 공식적으로 아예 얻을 수 없습니다. 
이 아이템은 제삼자 소프트웨어로 얻을 수는 있습니다. 허나, 예기치 않은 버그나 충돌이 일어날 수 있습니다.
Information icon.svg
이 기능은 Bedrock Edition, New Nintendo 3DS Edition Education Edition 전용입니다. 

Glowing obsidian is a Bedrock Edition, New Nintendo 3DS Edition and Education Edition exclusive block that has no use, other than decorating.


Glowing obsidian can be picked up with a diamond pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch.

블록 빛나는 흑요석
경도 ?
파괴 시간[FN 1]
기본 ?
나무 ?
다이아몬드 ?
네더라이트 ?
  1. 상태 효과가 없는 플레이어가 마법이 부여되지 않은 도구로 부술 대의 걸리는 시간(초). 자세한 정보는 파괴#속도 참조.

In versions of Pocket Edition Alpha from 0.5.0 to 0.12.0, glowing obsidian was created when a nether reactor structure was active. The nether reactor's functionality has since been removed, leaving add-ons or inventory editors as the only remaining ways to obtain glowing obsidian.


Glowing obsidian has no purpose other than decoration and lighting up areas.


Pocket Edition 알파
0.5.0Glowing Obsidian.png Added glowing obsidian.
Glowing obsidian is generated from the conversion of the blocks that make up the reactor (nether reactor core, cobblestone and gold blocks) upon activation.
Glowing obsidian cannot be retrieved as a drop, instead regular obsidian is dropped.
Glowing obsidian takes the same amount of time to mine as obsidian using any pickaxe.
Glowing obsidian is a solid block that emits a light level of 12.
Glowing obsidian emits red smoke particles within close proximity to it so long as it existed.
Glowing obsidian turns into obsidian after a short amount of time.
Glowing obsidian has the same blast resistance as normal obsidian.
If the nether reactor core is mined out while the nether reactor was active, the glowing obsidian won't turn into obsidian after the reactor is deactivated. This also caused by the reactor to stop spawning items. If the gold blocks are mined out before they change to glowing obsidian, the gold blocks are preserved, and the nether reactor continues spawning items.
0.7.1Wooden and stone pickaxes no longer make glowing obsidian yield obsidian.
0.7.3Glowing obsidian now requires a diamond pickaxe to mine (iron pickaxes no longer drop glowing obsidian).
0.8.0?Glowing obsidian no longer has a red outline in the hotbar.
0.12.1build 1Glowing obsidian can no longer be obtained, though any existing blocks remain.
New 닌텐도 3DS Edition
0.1.0Glowing Obsidian.png Added glowing obsidian.


Glowing obsidian is an unsupported block and as such issues relating to them may not be fixed.


  • Glowing obsidian makes an appearance in Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two when Jesse places the structure block it spawns around the observer, and on the bottom of the obsidian cages Vos was in.
  • Glowing obsidian became unused when Silk Touch was added. Therefore, the block has never been obtainable.
  • Glowing obsidian has no name assigned to it, so its in-game name appears as tile.glowingobsidian.name.[1]
    • Despite this, it can be assigned a custom name using resource pack with a language file.



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