初登場 Classic 0.0.14a (2) -
ブロックの種類 Natural Block
Stackable? 64
使用ツール テンプレート:Shovel
データ値 16進:0C
Blast Resistance 2.5
Obeys Physics? テンプレート:Yesphysics
Luminosity テンプレート:Noluminosity
Sand is a common physics obeying block that can be found in deserts or next to water. Being a "physics obeying block" means that it will turn into a falling block entity and fall down until it hits a solid block, and turns back into a normal Sand block, or hits a non-solid block and turns into an item. 4 Sand can be crafted into one Sandstone by placing it in a square, or crafted into TNT by combining it with Gunpowder in a checkerboard pattern, and can also be smelted into Glass. It is great for making traps!


  • In chunks generated after Beta 1.2's release, the bottom of all Sand piles had a layer of Sandstone.
  • Before 1.8, the spawn point of a world when created would always be on Sand.
  • if a block of Sand is placed directly below a block of Soul Sand, it will make walking on the Soul Sand be even slower than it normally would be.
  • In the Pocket Edition, particles are released by unstable sand.