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Minecraft 21w05a
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21w05aは2021年2月3日にリリースされたJava Edition 1.17の7番目のスナップショットである。このスナップショットでは、lush caveに関連する要素が追加され、いくつかのバグが修正された。[1]

追加要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

ブロック[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • 草ブロックに植える事の出来る低木のようなブロックである。
  • 花が咲いていないものと桃色の花が咲いているものの2種類がある。
  • Moss Block骨粉を使用することでAzaleaに成長させることができる。
Azalea Leaves
  • 花が咲いていないものと桃色の花が咲いているものの2種類がある。
  • 壊れる時にAzaleaをドロップする。
Cave Vines
  • Glow berriesが生っている時10レベルの光を発する光源ブロックになる。
  • Glow berriesを落とす。
    • 骨粉を使って成長を促進させることができる。
    • Berryは右クリックで収穫可能である。
  • Glow berriesをブロックの下側に使う事で植え、延長することが可能である。
  • ツタと違い上ることは出来ない。
  • Big dripleafとsmall dripleafの2種類がある。
  • エンティティはbig dripleafの上に1.5秒(30tick)だけ乗ることができ、その後は葉が傾いて落っこちてしまう。
    • 傾きには3段階の状態、Unstable、Partial、Fullがあり、F3のデバッグメニューで見ることができる。
      • エンティティが貫通して落っこちてしまう“full”の状態を除いて、固体ブロックである。
      • 何も上に載っていなければ、Noneの段階に属す。
      • Unsatableの状態のdripleafの上でスニークすれば、段階はNoneに戻る。ただし、それ以外の状態(PartialやFull)の上ではスニークしても何の意味もない。
  • Small dripleafは骨粉でbig drioleafに成長させることができる。
    • Small Dripleafはハサミでしか回収できず、それ以外のツールでは壊れてしまう。また、粘土(水中に限ってはにも)にしか置くことができない。
    • Big Dripleafは素手を含め全てのツールで回収可能で、破壊するだけなら発射物を用いる事も出来る。また、、土、粘土、草ブロックに配置可能である。
Flowering Azalea
  • Azaleaの桃色の花をつけた種類。
Hanging Roots
  • ブロックの下側にのみ植えることができる装飾ブロックである。
  • ハサミでしか回収できず、それ以外のツールでは壊れてしまう。
Moss Block
  • 全面が草ブロックに似たテクスチャで覆われている不透過ブロックである。
  • 骨粉を使って、高い草moss carpetと2種類のazaleaを上または近傍に生やすことができる。
  • ピストンで押されると壊れる。
Moss Carpet
  • Moss blockと同じテクスチャだが、厚みが1ピクセル分しかない。
  • Moss blockからクラフトできる。
Rooted Dirt
  • 装飾ブロックである。
  • 土に似たブロックだが、テクスチャには根が描かれている。
  • 荒い土と同様に、菌糸もこのブロックには伝播しない。
Spore Blossom
  • ブロックの下面にのみ配置できる。
  • 開花しているときは下にパーティクルが落ちる。

アイテム[編集 | ソースを編集]

Glow Berries
  • 食用で、2 ()の満腹度を回復する。
  • Cave vineに生る。

全般[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Added new particles: falling_spore_blossom, spore_blossom_air
  • Added the azalea_log_replaceable block tag.
    • Contains the #flowers block tag, the #leaves block tag, grass, ferns, sweet berry bushes, and small dripleaf plants.
  • Added the cave_vines block tag.
    • Contains the cave vines body block and cave vines head block.
  • Added the lush_plants_replaceable block tag.
    • Contains the #base_stone_overworld block tag, the #cave_vines block tag, dirt, gravel, sand, moss block, the #flowers block tag, grass, tall grass, moss carpet, small driplead, big dripleaf, big dripleaf stem, and vines.
  • Added the fox_food item tag.
    • Contains sweet berries and glow berries.
  • root_vines_head.pngという名前のテクスチャが追加された。
    • このテクスチャはゲームでは未使用である。

変更要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

ブロック[編集 | ソースを編集]

Copper blockCut Copper Blockとその亜種
  • 従来は "Copper Block"、"Exposed Copper Block"、"Weathered Copper Block"、"Oxidized Copper Block"という名前であったがBedrock Editionに合わせた。
    • Cut copperとその亜種についても同様である。
  • 酸化速度がrandomTickSpeedのゲームルールに影響を受けるようになった。
  • 新しく以下のアイテムが堆肥化できるようになった。
    • 30%の可能性: non-flowering azalea leaves,、glow berries、moss carpet、small dripleaf、hanging roots
    • 50%の可能性: flowering azalea leaves
    • 65%の可能性: spore blossoms、non-flowering azalea、moss blocks、big dripleaf
    • 85%の可能性: flowering azalea
Powder Snow
  • ピストンや粘着ピストンによって動かされるようになった。
  • 衝突した火矢の火を消すようになった。
Sculk Sensor
  • Added the following game events that the Sculk Sensor reacts to, along with corresponding frequency value
Vibration Types Frequency Value
Minecart Moving, Ring Bell, Block Change 6
Drinking Finish, Prime Fuse 7
Mob Interact 8
Equip, Shear, Ravager Roar 9
Entity Place 12
Entity Killed 13
Shulker Close 14
Shulker Open 15
  • Block change is for when a player or dispenser changes a block.
    • This includes placing a book on a lectern, placing and removing items from a flower pot, putting out a campfire, placing a candle on a cake, tilting a big dripleaf, and putting out a candle.
  • Mob interact is for certain mob interactions to cause vibrations.
    • This includes giving a golden apple to zombie villager with Weakness, healing a tamed wolf, using an iron ingot to heal an iron golem, and most instances of successfully feeding an animal.
  • Prime fuse applies to both creepers and TNT.
  • The equip event checks for giving items to an armor stand and pressing the use button to equip armor from the hotbar.
    • Manually equipping armor does not trigger sculk sensors.
    • Removing armor, from the player or from an armor stand, does not trigger sculk sensors.
    • Equipping items on other mobs, such as horses, does not trigger sculk sensors.
  • Copper blockの亜種を作るのに使えるようになった。

アイテム[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • 初めてbundleを手に入れた時は、チュートリアルがつくようになった。

Mob[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • glow berrieを食べる。
  • powder snowに沈まずに歩くことができるようになった。

ゲームプレイ[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Glow berriesを食べる事が進捗「バランスの取れた食事」の達成に必要になった。
  • All projectile entity data now has a field called HasBeenShot.
    • If this field is false, during the next tick the projectile will fire a projectile shot game event, causing any nearby sculk sensors to react.

全般[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Removed the armor stand add item, eating finish, entity hit, and flint and steel use events.
  • Added the block change, drinking finish, eat, entity damaged, entity killed, entity place, equip, mob interact, minecart moving, prime fuse, ravager roar, ring bell, shear, shulker close, and shulker open events.
  • Improved performance when using many overrides on an item model.
  • toasts.png gui texture has a new icon for the bundle tutorial.
  • Added azalea leaves and azalea leaves flowers to the leaves block and item tags.
  • Added foxes to the powder_snow_walkable_mobs entity type tag.
  • Changed the ignore_vibrations_stepping_carefully gave event tag.
    • Renamed to ignore_vibrations_sneaking.
    • Added the swim event.
  • Updated the vibrations game event tag to match the full list of game events (see above).

修正[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • MC-96114 – Shulker can lift up mobs.
  • MC-103430 – Vines breaking too slow (enchanted shears).
  • MC-130098 – Debug world spawns player at y=2 instead at y=70 where all the blocks are.
  • MC-142711 – Baby turtles take damage when pushed against ceiling.
  • MC-148432 – Sound spam while in water and lava at the same time.
  • MC-149495 – Pufferfish triggers tripwire without colliding with it upon reloading the game.
  • MC-152265 – Starting server outputs "unable to resolve BlockEntity for ItemStack" errors.
  • MC-153254 – Baby zombies/piglins take damage when pushed against ceiling by bubble columns.
  • MC-163673 – Baby husks, piglins, zombies, zombie villagers, and zombified piglins take damage when jumping into a space with a solid block above it.
  • MC-165846 – Pufferfish can take suffocation damage when bloating.
  • MC-172466 – Entities misaligning when growing up.
  • MC-186879 – Standing in fire and water spams the extinguish sound.
  • MC-190454 – Desync when a player rides a horse riding another mob, and that mob dies.
  • MC-191714 – Player is dismounted when standing on farmland while riding a horse/boat while the farmland turns to dirt, causing a desync.
  • MC-198432 – Pufferfish phases through blocks after reloading world.
  • MC-199356 – chatDelay in options.txt has a space between the colon and the value.
  • MC-200906 – Pufferfish hitbox incorrect when reloading world.
  • MC-205477 – Occasional desync when trying to enter/exit a boat while the server is lagging.
  • MC-205735 – Baby cows can suffocate on stairs.
  • MC-209361 – Game crashes upon instantly click-replacing the block underneath a bamboo sapling with another bamboo.
  • MC-209625 – Baby llamas suffocate when below a solid block while standing on top of a carpet.
  • MC-212291 – Client can dismount vehicles independently from the server, causing a de-sync.
  • MC-203555 – Typo in "Weathered Copper BlocK".
  • MC-203594 – Inconsistent spelling with copper blocks.
  • MC-204301 – Lightning rods don't strongly power the blocks they are attached onto.
  • MC-204446 – Inconsistency: The lighting on the lightning rod is inconsistent with everything else (no shade).
  • MC-204801 – Large amounts of copper blocks lag the server and causes the worldsave to take forever.
  • MC-205079 – Cauldrons don't fill with powder snow in some biomes.
  • MC-205401 – "Fire extinguishes" Sound repeatedly plays when a mob that burns in daylight is in powder snow.
  • MC-206113 – Powder Snow causes Z-Fighting with Falling Blocks.
  • MC-207258 – Sculk sensors do not react to minecarts being driven.
  • MC-207261 – Bell ringing event is not considered a vibration.
  • MC-207262 – Drinking potions or milk doesn't cause vibrations even though eating does.
  • MC-207263 – Inconsistency: Filling cauldrons with liquids or powder snow is not detected by sculk sensors.
  • MC-207277 – Sculk sensor can't detect setting a fire with fire charge.
  • MC-207283 – Extinguishing a campfire is not detected by sculk sensor.
  • MC-207300 – Blocks being placed or picked up by an enderman are not detected by sculk sensors.
  • MC-207329 – Sculk sensors don't properly detect eating from other mobs.
  • MC-207340 – Sculk sensors do not detect buckets of fish being emptied.
  • MC-207358 – Sculk sensors don't detect shulkers opening and closing.
  • MC-207384 – Flame arrows repeatedly trigger sculk sensors.
  • MC-207387 – Sculk sensors can sense players sneaking in water when they move, even when they're not swimming.
  • MC-207391 – Sculk sensors don't detect certain flying mobs.
  • MC-207397 – The fire extinguish sound plays every tick when the player is on fire and freezing.
  • MC-207407 – Villages will always generate at least on y=0.
  • MC-207417 – Directly breaking fire does not alert sculk sensors, but removing its supporting block correctly does.
  • MC-207418 – Breaking paintings/item frames/glow item frames does not alert sculk sensors, even though placing them does.
  • MC-207445 – Sculk sensor doesn't detect squids swimming.
  • MC-207473 – Sculk sensors do not detect when ghasts shoot.
  • MC-207520 – Sculk sensors don't react to ravager roars.
  • MC-207521 – Ocelots and cats can still emit vibrations while sneaking.
  • MC-207592 – Shooting bow with flame enchantment while sneaking triggers sculk sensor.
  • MC-207600 – Sculk sensor detects wrong sound for fishing rod.
  • MC-207670 – Sculk sensors do not detect the placement of boats and minecarts.
  • MC-207671 – Sculk sensors do not detect candles being placed into cakes.
  • MC-207672 – Sculk sensors do not detect when creepers are set off with flint and steel.
  • MC-207673 – Sculk sensors do not detect lighting TNT with flint and steel.
  • MC-207674 – Sculk sensors do not detect placing things in flower pots.
  • MC-207675 – Sculk sensors do not detect books being placed onto lecterns.
  • MC-207677 – Sculk sensors do not detect collecting water with bottles.
  • MC-207678 – Sculk sensors do not detect collecting honey bottles.
  • MC-207679 – Sculk sensors do not detect the breaking of bee nests and beehives in Creative mode.
  • MC-207745 – Sculk sensors do not detect when ender dragons shoot fireballs.
  • MC-208193 – Sculk sensors do not detect removing things from flower pots.
  • MC-208194 – Sculk sensors do not detect when candle cakes are eaten.
  • MC-208477 – Going into a dimension that has height higher than the maximum height crashes the game.
  • MC-208602 – Axolotls summoned with a command dry out instantly.
  • MC-209903 – Sculk sensors are not activated upon shearing sheep, mushrooms, snow golems and pumpkins.
  • MC-209926 – Sculk sensors are not activated upon collecting Dragon's Breath.
  • MC-209953 – Sculk sensors are not activated upon extinguishing a candle.
  • MC-210000 – Sculk sensors do not detect when blazes shoot fireballs.
  • MC-210282 – Sculk sensors are not activated upon silverfish or endermite moving along the ground.
  • MC-210495 – Sculk sensors are not activated upon lighting a campfire or candle with a fire charge.
  • MC-210815 – Sculk sensors are not activated upon shulkers shooting.
  • MC-211119 – Sculk sensors do not detect when withers shoot wither skulls.
  • MC-212384 – Sculk sensors do not detect cake being eaten.
  • MC-212432 – Sculk sensors are not activated upon using a spawn egg.
  • MC-212449 – Fish/(glow) squid spawned using /summon dry out instantly.
  • MC-213512 – Copper blocks are named differently from bedrock edition.
  • MC-212117 – Placing glow lichen in lava creates waterlogged glow lichen.
  • MC-212141 – Shulkers get rotated when upgrading to 21w03a.
  • MC-212149 – Shulker is sometimes mis-rotated when player teleports through a nether portal and reloading an active chunk with Shulker.
  • MC-212211 – Glow lichen is not grouped with vines in the creative inventory.
  • MC-212215 – Glow Lichen mining speed is not affected by efficiency.
  • MC-212284 – Crammed enitities pushed through blocks when growing to adults.
  • MC-212290 – Commands /setblock and /fill don't work at or above height 1024 in some cases.
  • MC-212331 – Boats dismount you in the direction the boat is facing instead of the direction of the player.
  • MC-212347 – Importing custom world file height is limited to 2047 instead of 2048.
  • MC-212422 – Game crashes when generating a world with increased height limit.
  • MC-212532 – Shulkers are spawned slightly mis-rotated after a shulker was hit by another shulker's shulker bullet.
  • MC-212537 – Standing near a shulker slightly lifts you when they open.
  • MC-212541 – Shulkers are often incorrectly rotated upon generation.
  • MC-213257 – Drowned do not drop copper.
  • MC-213268 – Copper Blocks variants like slabs/stairs/cut copper cannot be crafted through Stonecutter.

脚注[編集 | ソースを編集]

  1. "Minecraft Snapshot 21w05a" –、2021年2月3日