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16w41a は、主にオブザーバーピストンのバグを修正するためにリリースされた 1.11 の11番目のスナップショットである[1]



  • 装備時に固有のサウンドを鳴らすようになった
  • ホットバーとインベントリで、消耗したアイテムに表示される耐久度バーの色が変更された
  • 耐久度バーの色はバー全体で明るくなり、以前は明るくない橙色から黄色に変化していたところが、はっきりした橙色から黄色に変化するようになった
    • 以前は透明感があった耐久度バーの背景が、完全な黒になった


  • ラマのスポーン確率が大幅に低下した


  • MC-341 – Duplication and deletion of hotbar items in Creative using number keys
  • MC-2912 – Creative Mode Hotbar Glitch when using Number Key to exchange items slots
  • MC-11416 – Dispenser / Dropper / Piston / Command block placing is not consistent
  • MC-14861 – teleporting using commands resets the velocity
  • MC-51662 – Sand/Gravel broken into entity by upward extending piston
  • MC-58614 – XP bar is not transparent (no alpha) when normal crosshair is not visible
  • MC-59303 – When placed next to a cactus, the head of bed remains same
  • MC-70806 – Blocks with a data value > 0 have missing texture in superflat customization
  • MC-73529 – Incorrect error message for @e[type=!Player,c=1,r=1]
  • MC-80692 – WitherBoss attacks ArmorStands
  • MC-96544 – Temperature Freezing Point Inconsistency
  • MC-97982 – Offhand slot frame rotated 180 degrees compared to hotbar
  • MC-98009 – Elytra equipment sound using Leather armor equipment sound
  • MC-99103 – You can’t see remaining time when you have potion effect in Demo Mode
  • MC-99603 – Wolves, Dogs, and Ocelots fall out of the world
  • MC-99661 – Summoning a LeashKnot with a passenger entity crashes
  • MC-99814 – help -1 throws unknown command exception
  • MC-99900 – Enchantments boostrap class has the wrong error message when called before bootstrap
  • MC-101249 – Target selectors ignore invalid arguments
  • MC-102439 – Shield Desynchronizes
  • MC-102683 – “Elder Guardian Flops” showed as “Guardian Flops” in subtitles
  • MC-104901 – Suboptimal visibility and horrific look of the tool’s durability bar colors
  • MC-105406 – OpenGL Leak in View Frustum
  • MC-105898 – Mushrooms and crops cause bed to drop; leaves “head” of bed behind, same with double plant
  • MC-108315 – Closing options with esc doesn’t send player setting packet
  • MC-108409 – Villager makes disagree sounds when you click arrows and trade boxes.
  • MC-108588 – Structure blocks save invalid data when saving a structure at 0, 0
  • MC-108700 – Wood breaking- incorrect subtitle
  • MC-106296 – Wrong subtitle for sound (sounds.json mistake)
  • MC-107171 – maxEntityCramming is off-by-one
  • MC-107407 – Zooming out an explorer map turns the map blank
  • MC-107410 – Observer block outputs single game tick pulse, not single redstone tick pulse
  • MC-107600 – Observer block causes bottom half of bed to break
  • MC-107662 – Observers can cause blocks to be stuck in the powered state when being pushed by pistons
  • MC-107730 – Oberserver block powers air blocks
  • MC-107783 – Observer powers redstone dust only to level 1
  • MC-107795 – Redstone connects to Observer Blocks on sides
  • MC-107869 – Llamas often spawn in blocks and die while in mountainous regions
  • MC-107907 – Llama spit is not saved as entity
  • MC-107934 – Observers are placed with the input facing you (unlike MCPE)
  • MC-107957 – Hopper: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
  • MC-107959 – Buttonspamming with observerblocks
  • MC-108045 – Minecraft not using latest unifont unicode chart, characters are missing
  • MC-108054 – Observer rotates when being udpated, moved and then reloaded
  • MC-108216 – Copying then zooming out an explorer map make it lose its structure pointer
  • MC-108270 – Wither skeleton spawing quelled by normal skeletons
  • MC-108399 – No subtitle for when the totem of undying activates
  • MC-108344 – Left-handed vindicators raise right arm when aggressive
  • MC-108348 – Totem of undying is not consumed/destroyed
  • MC-108349 – When a sticky piston (facing up with a block on it) is retracted while an entity is standing on it, the entity appears to sink into the ground.
  • MC-108354 – Incorrect subtitle when equipping a llama with a chest
  • MC-108357 – Naturally generated vindicators axe is missing
  • MC-108358 – Crash when 32 or more pistons retract in a single chunk (IllegalArgumentException)
  • MC-108378 – Crafting a Zoomed Out Map By a Hotbar Hotkey Won’t Update It
  • MC-108480 – Johnny Vindicators attempt to attack armor stands
  • MC-108525 – shulker_box.png Default resource pack GUI 1 pixel too high (167 vs 166 pixel)
Private issues
  • MC-99599 – Server does not test if player is sleeping when receiving CPacketEntityAction.Action.STOP_SLEEPING