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1.13.1[1] は、2018年8月22日にリリースされた Java Edition のアップデートである。


  • 通常のクラッシュの代わりに JVM をクラッシュさせる Ctrl + F3 + C が追加された。ただし、キーボードによっては、右 Ctrl キーでのみショートカットが有効になる[2]
  • ワールド一覧に検索バーが追加された
  • 強制ロードチャンクの概念がゲームに追加された。コマンド (/forceload) を使用して強制ロードするかどうかを切り替えることができる
  • ブロックタグ minecraft:underwater_bonemeals が追加された
  • TNTunstable プロパティが追加され、破壊してすぐに爆発させられるようになった(1.12での explode の代わりである)
  • 死んだサンゴが追加された
    • 通常のサンゴの死んだバリエーションである
    • ブロックの上面に設置できる
  • が 5%の確率で骨粉をドロップするようになった
  • 以下の新たな統計が追加された:[3]
    • 被ダメージ(吸収) – damage_dealt_absorbed
    • 被ダメージ(抵抗) – damage_dealt_resisted
    • 盾で防がれたダメージ – damage_blocked_by_shield
    • 吸収したダメージ – damage_absorbed
    • 防いだダメージ – damage_resisted
    • シュルカーボックスを脱色した回数 – clean_shulker_box


  • パフォーマンスが最適化された
  • 液体のパフォーマンスが改善された
  • 流れる液体のパフォーマンスが改善された
  • チャンクのレンダリングのパフォーマンスが改善された
  • Mob のスポーンのパフォーマンスが改善された
  • スコアボードの演算子 %= が、Java の % 演算子から Math.floorMod が使用されるようになった。これにより、-1 % 7 は-1ではなく6を返すようになる[4]
  • イカが川と海洋のみにスポーンするようになった(これまでは、水がある場所であればどこでもスポーンしていた)
  • 関数の解析エラーのログに出力される行番号が、1から始まるようになった(今までは0から)


  • MC-73 – Green arrow bug on maps in frames.
  • MC-1357 – 地図にログアウトしたプレイヤーが表示される
  • MC-1489 – Dismounting a horse with a fence on the player's right leaves the player on the wrong side of the fence.
  • MC-1528 – Maps in item frames' markers aren't persistent.
  • MC-3715 – ベッドで寝ているときに /teleport を使用すると寝たままになる
  • MC-3927 – Iron golems can spawn in slabs, glass, farmland and grass path.
  • MC-4488 – Mobs don't drop cooked meat if last damage is from fire, lava or fire charge.
  • MC-31266 – Throwing an item right after destroying a block, makes it reappear, and it will disappear after picking up the item.
  • MC-31681 – Fog and clouds darken when indoors or under trees (<16 Chunk Render Distance).
  • MC-33383 – Lag while taking screenshot with F2 in singleplayer.
  • MC-45440 – After choosing a resource pack, you can't drag the scroll bar up or down, with your mouse.
  • MC-51150 – Swimming in water, riding a minecart or standing on soul sand and snow layers 8 darkens the sky at day time.
  • MC-59517 – TNT explode=true blockstate drops TNT item when fused by hit in survival mode.
  • MC-67780 – y:255 より上にいるときに空が暗くなる
  • MC-73361 – Exiting a minecart / boat can put the player outside the border.
  • MC-74764 – Particle "largeexplode", "hugeexplosion" and "sweepattack" not showing when using the front view (twice F5).
  • MC-75465 – Vignette effect's visibility is not being updated according to light level when GUI is hidden.
  • MC-76615 – Lightning bolt summoned by /summon is offset +0.5x and +0.5z.
  • MC-76649 – Thrown item in hand and as entity.
  • MC-78963 – Command completion fails with multiple possibilities and other arguments set.
  • MC-79697 – Entities don't render properly when next to invisible spider, charged creeper, or wither boss with armor.
  • MC-80041 – Signs with long text freeze the game.
  • MC-81237stat.damageTaken fails to increment when player has absorption.
  • MC-84005 – Book and quill doesn't save changes when edited in offhand.
  • MC-86943 – Cooldown overlay is solid white on item stacks > 1.
  • MC-88099 – Slimes/magma cube with NoAI-Tag still can damage the player.
  • MC-88230 – When feeding a tamed horse or llama with a golden apple/carrot or hay bale, the cursor moves to the right.
  • MC-88356 – Bow animation broken in off-hand in third person.
  • MC-90842 – Sweep attack knocks back marker armor stands.
  • MC-96998 – End Cities / Woodland Mansions don't generate completely when interrupting generation.
  • MC-98796 – Armor loses durability when blocking damage with shield.
  • MC-105512 – Cracks appear inside dragon head instead of outside.
  • MC-108592 – Witches do not despawn correctly if they have a potion effect.
  • MC-109311 – Woodland mansion failed to generate.
  • MC-112533 – Dispenser can equip shield for armor stand without arms.
  • MC-112801 – Players on the death screen still cause spawners to spawn.
  • MC-114074 – Some non-full cube blocks don't cull the faces of the same block next to them.
  • MC-114218 – Dispensers and droppers don't offset smoke particles when facing up or down.
  • MC-114246 – Item in offhand of armor stand with arms cannot be taken back.
  • MC-118258 – Spelling mistakes in the 'Commandblock chain tried to execure more than x steps!' warning message.
  • MC-119607 – Llamas, unlike horses, can be kept feeding hay bales even if in love mode.
  • MC-119856 – Slime blocks missing cullface argument.
  • MC-119971 – Various duplications, deletions, and data corruption at chunk boundaries, caused by loading outdated chunks – includes duping and deletion of entities/mobs, items in hoppers, and blocks moved by pistons, among other problems.
  • MC-120664 – Tool durability is off-by-one.
  • MC-120780 – Chunk data packets are sometimes created unnecessarily.
  • MC-123586 – Debug pie chart uses locale specific number formatting.
  • MC-123880 – Clientbound play packet 0x0C (Boss Bar) using same byte for different booleans.
  • MC-124942 – "Invalid book tag" is not translatable.
  • MC-128547 – Minecraft keeps previously used World in memory if the player has hit any entity in that world.
  • MC-130724stat.damageDealt does not record damage to absorption health.
  • MC-132496 – Passive Mob Spawning Breaks 1.9+.
  • MC-121369 – Holding ESC while clicking "Multiplayer" returns user to main menu.
  • MC-122563 – Disappearance of the old "punchable" TNT.
  • MC-122614 – Strange tab completion coloring.
  • MC-122625 – Order of contents of north- and east-facing double chests changed after update 1.12.2 -> 1.13.
  • MC-122939 – Statistics for mining banners and beds never increase.
  • MC-123021 – Crash on open if "Saves" is a link.
  • MC-123194 – data get command causes indexOutOfBounds and stackOverflow exceptions, client and server crashes.
  • MC-123806 – Tab-completion/command suggestions only work for the final argument.
  • MC-124054 – Tab-suggestions don't disappear when moving cursor.
  • MC-124543 – JSON-Text formatting in CustomNames of container blocks does not work.
  • MC-124583 – Cannot place structure void block next to another when right clicking on one.
  • MC-124681 – Tab suggestion erroneously suggests second closing square bracket on entity selectors.
  • MC-124690 – Successful /bossbar set players doesn't give success message in chat.
  • MC-124808 – Blocks don't pop off when their support blocks are moved by pistons.
  • MC-124917 – Selector suggestions do not disappear after adding the closing bracket.
  • MC-125134 – Server crashes while generating new chunks – java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: We are asking a region for a chunk out of bound.
  • MC-125286 – Block state suggester does not include '=' for first key.
  • MC-125337 – When the double-held trident throws, players will lift both hands.
  • MC-129754 – Putting down lava freezes everything and then crashes the game when quitting.
  • MC-130258 – Maps in item frames show shading problems.
  • MC-131029 – Villager door detection range has changed.
  • MC-131346 – It's possible to place buckets of water, lava or fish in adventure mode.
  • MC-131397 – Sponges cannot remove water from conduits.
  • MC-131462 – Coordinate math error causes structure not to generate and possibly other issues.
  • MC-131678 – Setblock property - block and setblock property - value are reversed in error messages.
  • MC-131868 – Concrete powder next to waterlogged blocks is not converted to concrete.
  • MC-132061 – Contents of creative menu change when resizing window.
  • MC-132063 – Stone item appears when resizing window.
  • MC-132451 – Command Parser - invalid value for block property and property name are reversed in error message.
  • MC-132457 – Advancement and dimension command suggestions require minecraft namespace.
  • MC-132663 – Command blocks kick player when entering certain commands > 256 characters in multiplayer.
  • MC-132664 – Obfuscated text uses same random character each frame for each input character.
  • MC-132703 – アイアンゴーレムが村の中心にスポーンしない
  • MC-132762 – Observed signal strength observer abnormality.
  • MC-132769 – Detecting a 2 redstone tick repeater with an observer block creates a 2 redstone tick pulse.
  • MC-132789 – Unexpected piston behavior when chaining repeaters.
  • MC-132806 – You cannot grant/revoke specific advancement criteria because of a colon in its name.
  • MC-132870 – Weird lag with large amounts of entities in 1.13 compared to 1.12.2.
  • MC-132898 – Multiple layers of falling gravity blocks break.
  • MC-133098 – Loading a world with a corrupted stats file crashes the game.
  • MC-133127 – Drowned from ocean ruins never spawn with a trident/nautilus shell/fishing rod.
  • MC-133154Placing a slab to stop the water flow doesn't remove the water.
  • MC-133158 – Underwater waterlogged blocks still produce water dripping particles.
  • MC-133181 – Observer's cooldown is broken.
  • MC-133251 – Curse enchantments don't use red text.
  • MC-133260 – Obfuscated text characterset limited to simple ASCII.
  • MC-133273 – Normal Pistons also spit out their blocks with a short signal.
  • MC-133294 – Map Markers blacked out.
  • MC-133345 – Some bolded obfuscated characters causes text to jitter.
  • MC-133425 – Missing Glyphs for (U+FF3B) and (U+FF08).
  • MC-133452 – Copying, pasting, etc. still insert "c", "v", etc.
  • MC-133453 – Players can't stand in "walk-through" blocks after swimming.
  • MC-133546 – Player becomes "ghost" when dying in the nether or going through the end portal back to the overworld.
  • MC-133587 – Deleting server format error.
  • MC-133713/spreadplayers and /worldborder suggests X/Y instead of X/Z when nothing is typed.
  • MC-133715 – 投げたトライデントがリスポーン後に拾えない
  • MC-133804 – Coral fans are waterloggable, but coral itself is force-waterlogged.
  • MC-133839 – Crash when tp/at world border.
  • MC-133842 – Crash when getting kicked while in Inventory.
  • MC-133871 – Waterlogged trapdoors do not update properly when opened.
  • MC-133894 – Drowned don't drop items that they picked up as zombie then were converted .
  • MC-133905 – Large oak trees generate without making block under stump dirt.
  • MC-133942 – 1.13 Release is called a snapshot when backing up world.
  • MC-133959 – Credits don't appear when clicking "Copyright Mojang AB" in the title screen.
  • MC-133986 – Non [a-z0-9/._-] character in path of location: minecraft:EntityHorse.
  • MC-133995 – Transferring world from 1.12.2 to 1.13 isn't working.
  • MC-134105 – Cant return from the end after defeating dragon.
  • MC-134115 – Containers next to chunk borders can lose items when upgrading.
  • MC-134159 – Saved world causes crash in 1.13.
  • MC-134166 – Villager door detection order has changed.
  • MC-134273 – Player Markers on Map after disconnect.
  • MC-134274 – Map Markers for players holding a different Map.
  • MC-134297 – Observers detect moved blocks late in 1.13.
  • MC-134298 – Observers don't detect retracting sticky pistons.
  • MC-134300 – Inconsistency with update order when pistons retract other pistons.
  • MC-134348 – Crash while upgrading: bkv{block=Block{minecraft:acacia_slab}, properties=[type, waterlogged]} has no property: half.
  • MC-134392 – Spawers will spawn dolphins inside of solid blocks.
  • MC-134402 – Statistic for cleaning shulker boxes is missing.
  • MC-134414 – 海草の上にコンクリートパウダーが落ちても海草を置き換えるだけでパウダーのまま
  • MC-134468 – 地図の複製レシピで必ず2枚しか作成できない
  • MC-134555 – Sticky piston does not update gravity blocks.
  • MC-134570 – 新バージョンに更新した際、ドア上部が消える
  • MC-134587 – Using F3 + T several times will eventually freeze iMac.
  • MC-134667 – Async Chunk Gen dangerously adding entities to world async.
  • MC-134668 – Over synchronization in ThreadedAnvilChunkStorage impacts performance.
  • MC-134702 – Fish spawned from buckets count towards the aquatic mob cap.
  • MC-134777 – Bone meal on kelp doesn't do anything, but still wastes it.
  • MC-134889 – Iron golems spawn in air blocks.
  • MC-134903 – Mobs can break turtle eggs by standing on them when gamerule mobGriefing is false.
  • MC-134916 – Sound event block.pumpkin.carve doesn't play when carving normal pumpkins.
  • MC-135049 – Old world doesn't save map markers in 1.13.
  • MC-135079 – Purpur stairs and slabs cannot be crafted using purpur pillars.
  • MC-135126 – Bone meal on underwater grass blocks doesn't spawn sea grass.
  • MC-135261/setblock for player heads don't show the texture after the placement.
  • MC-135468 – Mooshroom disappears when sheared.
  • MC-135484 – Pressing Q + right click a block while holding a double block only shows the top of the block.
  • MC-135816 – Trident does not return uppon reload of world.
  • MC-135857 – Beacon effect icon doesnft have a blue edge if it overwrites a potion effect.
  • MC-135878 – Maps delete recently marked banners upon reopening world.
  • MC-135893 – Upgrading from 1.12.2 to a newer version will cause trapped chests placed in 1.12.2 & earlier to stop triggering redstone through the floor.
  • MC-136023 – ファントムがスペクテイターモードのプレイヤーを攻撃する
  • MC-136157 – 爆発半径が広がっている
  • MC-136208 – カメのウロコが doMobLoot を無視する
  • MC-136226 – Mobs require 2 blocks of air to spawn at all times now.
  • MC-134816 – Crash: Exception ticking world entities.
  • MC-134817 – Collision with shulkers is extremely glitched.
  • MC-134825 – Tab completion/suggestions don't work for some non-literal arguments (in chat).
  • MC-134826 – Deleting a world doesn't remove it from the list until re-entering world list.
  • MC-134828 – Server crash - Ticking world entities.
  • MC-134832 – TNT with unstable=true blockstate is ignited instead of broken in creative mode.
  • MC-134833 – Fast movement.
  • MC-134858 – The TNT block state "explode" does not carry over to 1.13.1's "unstable".
  • MC-134898 – Pressing Escape no longer returns to main menu from singleplayer menu.
  • MC-134905 – Exception ticking world.
  • MC-134919 – Crash when blowing up TNT in the Nether.
  • MC-134966 – Using /setblock to place an "Always Active" command block with a command won't execute the command immediately.
  • MC-134967NullPointerException when placing Wither Skeleton Skulls.
  • MC-134974 – Entities in your world can randomly freeze.
  • MC-134982 – Exception when placing a command block.
  • MC-134987 – Renaming a world doesn't update its name until re-entering the world list.
  • MC-134988 – Optimizing a world doesn't update it until re-entering the world list.
  • MC-134994 – Sand blocks not breaking when falling on to non-full blocks.
  • MC-135039 – The game crashes when /setblock-ing a spawner with an entity ID containing capital letters.
  • MC-135048 – Misplaced sandstone block on desert temple.
  • MC-135053 – Sticky pistons get stuck when receiving a 0 gametick pulse.
  • MC-135136 – Crash when placing a chain command block with set command.
  • MC-135147 – Loading/saving structures with command blocks in them causes errors.
  • MC-135172 – Under certain conditions pistons can't be powered for the first 2 gameticks after being moved.
  • MC-135185 – All redstone components can become stuck in a powered state when indirectly unpowered.
  • MC-135186 – Pistons can only be re-pulsed 5 or more gameticks later.
  • MC-135194 – Pistons react 1 gametick too late.
  • MC-135229 – Game crash when opening Furnace.
  • MC-135268 – Switching to spectator mode and back creates ghost player duplicates for other players.
  • MC-135293 – Profiler doesn't exit section when an entity is removed, causing recursive profiling and lag.
  • MC-135381 – Conduits can not be placed outside of water.
  • MC-135385 – Entities fall through the entire world when they are inside blocks.
  • MC-135387 – Chunks are not forced/unforced until a player loads it.
  • MC-135390 – Pistons react inconsistently to certain 4 gametick pulses.
  • MC-135392 – Dimension arguments fail to properly serialize, breaking /chunk in and /execute in in multiplayer.
  • MC-135398/chunk force|unforce with /execute store success.
  • MC-135423 – Can't stand on top of boat anymore without glitching.
  • MC-135424 – Relative coordinates cannot be used with /chunk.
  • MC-135426 – Cannot tab-complete chunk coordinates in /chunk.
  • MC-135428/chunk targets the overworld by default and not the sender's dimension.
  • MC-135431 – Scoreboard division is inconsistent with modulo.
  • MC-135457 – Strange placing and removing blocks after respawning, especially redstone system and sands.
  • MC-135791 – mobs glitching out.
  • MC-135945 – Bone meal particles wont appear when bone mealing.
  • MC-136051 – Mob spawning ignores light level, biomes and height.
  • MC-136107 – 水が低い土地へ流れる際の挙動が正しくない場合がある
  • MC-136134 – 熱帯魚の種類の名前に誤りがある
  • MC-136236 – Batching chunks crash on 1.13.1 vanilla server.
  • MC-136271 – Crash "Tesselating block model".
  • MC-134716 – Minecraft Multiplayer – Player kick exploit.
  • MC-136031 – 非公開のバグ
  • Fixed issue with rain sounds causing the console to spam errors.


  • 1.13.1では 18w30a から 18w33a までの5個のスナップショットをリリースしているが、これはマイナーアップデートでは最も多い8個のスナップショットを持つ 1.7.4 に続き、2番目に多いスナップショットがリリースされたバージョンである。


警告: 既定のソートキー「1.13.01」が、その前に書かれている既定のソートキー「1.13.1」を上書きしています。