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This template should be used on any files that are copyrighted by Mojang. This includes screenshots of the game, any textures or other files from the game, and files where parts of Mojang copyrighted files were used.


This template can be automatically added to a file on upload by selecting This file is a screenshot of/uses textures from Minecraft from the licensing drop-down menu.

Alternatively, this template can be manually added to a file by pasting this code under the file's summary (if it has one) and above any categories.

== ライセンス ==
{{license Mojang}}

Images using this template are automatically added to the Mojang画像 category.


[閲覧 | 編集 | 履歴 | キャッシュ破棄]上記の解説は、テンプレート:License Mojang/docから参照されています。