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License none.png

This template should be used on any files that don't have a license, and you don't know what license it is supposed to be.


On images

This template can be automatically added to a file on upload by selecting This file is unlicensed or I'm not sure of this file's license from the licensing drop-down menu.

Alternatively, this template can be manually added to a file by pasting this code under the file's summary (if it has one) and above any categories.

== Licensing ==

Files using this template will be automatically added to カテゴリ:ライセンスのないファイル.

In templates

This template is used to create all other license templates.

The image can be set using the parameter |image=. If unset, the image will default to "License name.png", with "name" being replaced by the value of |shortname=, or "none" if unset. The image size can be set using |imagesize=, which defaults to 64px

Below the image are three optional images set by the parameters |img2=, |img3=, and |img4=. Each parameter if set will add the image "License name.svg below the first image, with "name" being replaced with the value of the parameter.

The title can be set using the parameter |title=. If unset, the title will default to "This file is licensed under a type license.", with "type" being replaced with the value of |license=. If |license= is unset, the title will be the unlicensed title shown above, and the file will be added to カテゴリ:ライセンスのないファイル.

The description can be set using |description=. If unset, the description will be the unlicensed description shown above.


[閲覧 | 編集 | 履歴 | キャッシュ破棄]上記の解説は、テンプレート:License/docから参照されています。