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This template defines the issue labels for Known bugs and its sub-pages.

Code Result Used for
{{bl}} [X] Bug.
{{bl|!}} [!] Major bug.
{{bl|!!}} [!!] Critical bug: can crash a Minecraft client or server.
{{bl|a}} [A] Annoyance.
{{bl|a!}} [A!] Major annoyance.
{{bl|sp}} [SP] Issue applies to single-player only.
{{bl|mp}} [MP] Issue applies to multiplayer only.
{{bl|cr}} [Cr] Issue applies to creative mode only.
{{bl|su}} [Su] Issue applies to survival mode only.
{{bl|?}} [?] Community cannot consistently reproduce issue as described.
{{bl|f}} [F] Issue has been resolved; next update will include fix. (Mojang)
{{bl|s}} [S] Issue will be skipped/ignored for now; fix will not appear in next update. (Mojang)
{{bl|u}} [U] Cannot reproduce issue as described. (Mojang)
{{bl|o}} [O] Issue is obsolete: cannot reproduce, and marked fixed in a previous release. (Mojang)
{{bl|n}} [N] Bug report describes an intended feature. Does not apply to annoyances, which by definition are not bugs. (Mojang)

Please mark your issue with one of these issue labels: (listed from highest priority to lowest)

  • [!!] = {{bl|!!}} = Critical bug that can crash a Minecraft client or server.
  • [!] = {{bl|!}} = Major bug. Use this tag sparingly; if there is consensus your bug is not major, it will be downgraded.
  • [A!] = {{bl|a!}} = Major annoyance. Think very carefully before flagging an annoyance as major. Is it really more important than most minor bugs? Use this tag sparingly; if there is consensus your annoyance is not major, it will be downgraded.
  • [X] = {{bl}} = Minor bug.
  • [A] = {{bl|a}} = Annoyance.
  • [?] = {{bl|?}} = Potential issue that you are unsure of or that the community (on the discussion page) believes requires further vetting. Note: do not use this label to indicate this-is-not-a-bug; instead, replace the issue's current label with [A] or [A!]. Furthermore, it is inappropriate to use this to flag something you disagree with; instead, express your opinion in a comment. When you apply this label to an issue, place it after the issue's existing labels; do not remove those labels.

Labels for indicating that an issue happens only in a particular game mode: (These labels cannot stand alone; you must use them in addition to, not instead of, the ones listed above.)

  • [SP] = {{bl|sp}} = Single-player.
  • [MP] = {{bl|mp}} = Multiplayer.
  • [Su] = {{bl|su}} = Survival mode.
  • [Cr] = {{bl|cr}} = Creative mode.

Labels for indicating that an issue is restricted to a particular OS:

  • macOS = {{OS|OSX}} = Mac OS X
  • Windows = {{OS|Win}} = Windows
  • Linux = {{OS|Linux}} = GNU/Linux

Labels that Mojang (not you!) uses: (Please place these tags in front of existing issue labels; do not remove the existing labels.)

  • [F] = Issue for which a fix will appear in the next update.
  • [N] = Not a bug; intended behavior. By definition, this label is inapplicable to annoyances; annoyances are not bugs.
  • [S] = Issue that will not be fixed in the next update.
  • [U] = Issue that Mojang has tested but was unable to reproduce.

To produce these labels, use the following code: {{bl|c}} where c is the code of the label you wish to use. (e.g., a for annoyances, etc.)

The default issue type is minor bug; you can produce this label with the shorthand {{bl}}.