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Mob 火を使わないで倒した場合の食料 火を使って倒した場合の食料
ウシ 1-3 生の牛肉 1-3 ステーキ
ムーシュルーム[1] 1-3 生の牛肉 1-3 ステーキ
ブタ 1-3 生の豚肉 1-3 焼き豚
ホグリン 2-4 生の豚肉 2-4 焼き豚
ニワトリ 1 生の鶏肉 1 焼き鳥
ヒツジ 1-2 生の羊肉 1-2 焼き羊肉
ウサギ 0-1 生の兎肉 0-1 焼き兎肉
サケ 1 生鮭 1 焼き鮭
タラ 1 生鱈 1 焼き鱈
イルカ 0-1 生鱈 0-1 焼き鱈
ガーディアン 0-1 生鱈 0-1 焼き鱈
エルダーガーディアン 0-1 生鱈 0-1 焼き鱈
シロクマ 0-2 生鱈

0-2 生鮭

0-2 焼き鱈

0-2 焼き鮭



Dark Oak Sapling JE2 BE2.png



アイテム 個数 確率 平均 場所 満腹度の回復量 ステータス効果
ジャガイモ 1-7 74.2% 2.968 草原の村 1 () いいえ
パン[Bedrock Edition限定] 1-7 69.3% 2.772 タイガの村 5 () いいえ
ジャガイモ[Bedrock Edition限定] 1-7 69.3% 2.772 タイガの村 1 () いいえ
ジャガイモ 1-7 66.3% 2.652 雪の村 1 () いいえ
ジャガイモ[Java Edition限定] 1-7 65.6% 2.624 タイガの村 1 () いいえ
パン 1-4 89.3% 2.2325 村の教会 5 () いいえ
腐った肉 1-4 89.3% 2.2325 村の教会 4 () 80%の確率で空腹 Iが30秒間付与される。
リンゴ 1-5 74.2% 2.226 草原の村 4 () いいえ
パン 1-4 80.6% 2.015 砂漠の村 5 () いいえ
パン 1-4 80.6% 2.015 防具鍛冶の家 5 () いいえ
パン 1-4 74.2% 1.855 草原の村 5 () いいえ
パン 1-4 71.7% 1.7925 サバンナの村 5 () いいえ
パン 1-4 66.3% 1.6575 雪の村 5 () いいえ
パン[Java Edition限定] 1-4 65.6% 1.64 タイガの村 5 () いいえ
スイートベリー[Java Edition限定] 1-7 40.6% 1.624 タイガの村 2 () いいえ
パン 1-4 62.8% 1.57 革細工師の家 5 () いいえ
パン 1-4 62.2% 1.555 石工の家 5 () いいえ
パン 1-4 61.2% 1.53 製図家の家 5 () いいえ
生の牛肉 1-4 48.6% 1.215 肉屋のチェスト 3 () いいえ
生の豚肉 1-4 48.6% 1.215 肉屋のチェスト 3 () いいえ
生の羊肉 1-4 48.6% 1.215 肉屋のチェスト 2 () いいえ
パン 1-3 59.8% 1.196 武器鍛冶のチェスト 5 () いいえ
リンゴ 1-3 59.8% 1.196 武器鍛冶のチェスト 4 () いいえ
生鱈 1-3 43.0% 0.86 釣り人のチェスト 2 () いいえ
生鮭 1-3 24.2% 0.484 釣り人のチェスト 2 () いいえ
パンプキンパイ[Bedrock Edition限定] 1 10.7% 0.107 タイガの村 8 () いいえ
ビートルートスープ 1 9.9% 0.099 雪の村 6 () いいえ
パンプキンパイ[Java Edition限定] 1 9.7% 0.097 タイガの村 8 () いいえ



アイテム 個数 確率 平均 場所 満腹度の回復量 ステータス効果
怪しげなシチュー 1 57.4% 0.774 チェスト 6 () 怪しげなシチュー/Effects
ニンジン 4-8 42.1% 3.250 チェスト 3 () いいえ
青くなったジャガイモ 2-6 42.1% 2.167 チェスト 2 () Have 60% chance to give for 5 seconds.
ジャガイモ 2-6 42.1% 2.167 チェスト 1 () いいえ
腐った肉 5-24 32.2% 5.610 チェスト 4 () Have 80% chance to give 空腹 for 30 seconds.

Note that each suspicious stew will have one of six random effects; most of these will pass within a few seconds, and are only an issue if you're currently in a fight. But there are equal chances of getting poison (which can do up to 4 () damage), or saturation (bonus food, effectively maxing out your food gauges).

Item Stack Size Chance Average Place Food That can be

Crafted From Item

Restored Hunger

After Eating Food

小麦 8-21 44.9% 4.390 チェスト Bread 5 ()


Random patch」も参照

There are several food items that can be gathered from the landscape with varying degrees of ease. Which of these are available will depend on the biomes you pass through. Note that except for mushroom stew, these are not very good foods, filling your hunger bar but offering little saturation to back it up. That said, they'll keep you from starvation until you can find something better.

Mushroom Stew[]

Brown and red mushrooms can be found in various places throughout the world, mostly under trees or in caves. They are also common in the Nether. A bit of wood allows you to craft bowls, and with a bowl and both mushroom types, you can easily craft mushroom stew, without even needing a crafting table. If you happen to be in the rare Mushroom Fields, you can also get mushroom stew by "milking" a mooshroom with an empty bowl, though the mushrooms themselves will also be plentiful. (In the mushroom fields, the wood for a bowl might be the hardest to find!) This is one of the best foraged foods, with value comparable to some cooked meats. Its main drawback is that once crafted, it is unstackable. However, the ingredients are stackable, and three slots will hold the makings for 64 bowls of stew. Note that you do get the bowl back when you eat the stew, so it's perfectly reasonable to carry a large amount of each mushroom type, and a batch of 4 bowls to fill as needed.

Suspicious Stew[]
Suspicious Stew」も参照

Adding a flower to the mushroom-stew recipe will instead produce suspicious stew, which is just as nourishing and also grants a brief status effect. It matters a lot which flower you use, as some of them produce bad effects:

  • A dandelion or blue orchid will give the "saturation" effect, promoting your stew to a superfood!
  • An oxeye daisy will let you regenerate a few points of health, while a lily-of-the-valley will poison you, doing several points of damage.
  • Other flowers offer various good or bad effects, but all lasting just a few seconds.

Sweet Berries[]

Spawning in/near a taiga biome allows you to get early access to sweet berries, which are a weak but plentiful food source and easy to farm. However, the bushes can be hazardous -- avoid walking through them.

Apples (Leaves)[]

When cutting down oak or dark oak trees, a few of the leaves (1 in 200 of the blocks) will drop apples as they decay. You can also manually break the leaf blocks.


In jungles, you can likely find melon blocks, which can be broken into melon slices. These are a weak food, but can be plentiful, especially since unused slices can be crafted into seeds to (eventually) grow more melons.

Pumpkin Pie[]

If you happen to have the ingredients, pumpkin pie is a relatively cheap and filling food item, crafted with only one pumpkin, sugar (from sugar cane), and an egg. All of these can be farmed in mass quantities. One thing troublesome is finding the pumpkins in the first place, but once that's done, there are no real challenges. They can also be crafted without a Crafting Table, requiring only three ingredients.

Rotten Flesh[]

Rotten flesh is one of the most common and least-valued items in the game. Most often found after killing zombies and their various relatives (or waiting for them to burn in the morning), it can also show up chest loot. It is a bottom-tier food, which furthermore has an 80% chance to inflict "food poisoning" -- 30 seconds of the Hunger effect. However, that duration doesn't accumulate, and it doesn't cost all that much hunger. So, if you eat several pieces at once, you can fill up your hunger gauge, perhaps heal a bit, and only lose a little saturation "off the top". Drinking milk right after eating rotten flesh will also cancel the effect.

In the Nether[]

It is challenging to find food in the Nether, but there are still some (if not somewhat unreliable) available food sources within the "bowels of hell."

Tutorials/Hoglin farming」も参照


  • Mushroom stew is still a good option: Both kinds of mushrooms are common, and bowls can be made from giant fungus planks (the red and blue "trees"). Alas, flowers are not to be found (unless you brought some from the Overworld).
  • Rotten flesh (see above) can be had from zombified piglins; the problem is that if you fight one of them, you basically have to fight all of them. You can do pretty well with a prepared fort where you can hold them off and kill them from safety. You can try fighting them from atop a two-block pillar, but but watch out for other monsters (especially ghasts or skeletons) who can knock you off your pillar, or blazes which can set you afire.


  • Hoglins are the only real "meat animal" found in the Nether (barring the occasional chicken jockey). They spawn in crimson forests, and in some bastions. Unfortunately they're hostile, and fairly tough. As a hint, they can't fit through one-block wide doorways, and unlike many Nether mobs, they are not immune to fire. When killed, a Hoglin will drop 2-4 porkchops, more than the Overworld pig. Killing the hoglin with fire, or cooking a raw porkchop, gets you one of the best foods in the game. The two-block pillar trick can also work, but if you lean over the near side they may be able to knock you off. Killing them from a distance is safer.

Bastion Remnants[]

Bastion Remnant」も参照

A Bastion Remnant is a fairly rare structure, but loaded with chests if you do happen to find one. The chests within include pork, and (in Java Edition) golden carrots and golden apples. Note that Piglins will object to your looting or breaking chests -- of course, they'll be attacking you anyway unless you are wearing golden armor (see their page for details), and the Piglin Brutes won't even care about the armor. The easiest option is likely to just block them out of the room -- if you are wearing even one piece of golden armor, the non-brutes will calm down after about 30 seconds.

List of food items present in bastion remnants[]

Hoglin Stable[]
Item Stack Size Chance Average Restored Hunger

After Eating Food

金のニンジン[Java Edition限定] 8-17 11.4% 1.425 6 () いいえ
焼き豚[Bedrock Edition限定] 2-5 26.2% 0.917 8 () いいえ
生の豚肉[Bedrock Edition限定] 2-5 26.2% 0.917 3 () いいえ
焼き豚[Java Edition限定] 2-5 22.8% 0.798 8 () いいえ
生の豚肉[Java Edition限定] 2-5 22.8% 0.798 3 () いいえ
金のリンゴ[Java Edition限定] 1 11.4% 0.114 4 () Gives 衝撃吸収 I for 2 minutes and 再生能力 II for 5 seconds.
Item Stack Size Chance Average Restored Hunger

After Eating Food

金のニンジン[Java Edition限定] 6-7 13.5% 0.8775 6 () いいえ
焼き豚[Java Edition限定] 1 24.4% 0.244 8 () いいえ
金のリンゴ[Java Edition限定] 1 10.1% 0.101 4 () Gives 衝撃吸収 I for 2 minutes and 再生能力 II for 5 seconds.
Item Stack Size Chance Average Restored Hunger

After Eating Food

エンチャントされた金のリンゴ[Java Edition限定] 1 6.5% 0.065 4 () Gives 衝撃吸収 IV for 2 minutes, 再生能力 II for 30 seconds,

火炎耐性 I for 5 minutes and 耐性 I for 5 minutes.

In the End[]

The End is a very hostile place, and it is extremely hard to find decent food there. You should bring plenty of food with you whenever venturing into the End; the only edible thing you'll find there is chorus fruit; it grows only on the outer islands, but is plentiful there. It does have a little side effect....

Chorus Plants[]

Chorus Fruit」も参照

They only grow on the Outer End Islands, so you'll need to kill the Ender Dragon first to get them. They restore four food points, but can also teleport you to a random location, up to 8 blocks away. This can either be a great convenience or an annoyance. The trees are very common in the End islands, and with a little effort you can easily farm them as well.

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