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Book and Quill




  • 1、2個のバケツ、作るためには鉄を作る必要がある。
  • 何らかの苗木、(ダークオークの苗木の場合は4本必要。)
  • 溶岩 (武器鍛冶の家には溶岩が、農場や漁師小屋には水がある。)
  • スイカまたは小麦
ファイル:Simple Cobblestone Farm.png



  1. 地面に4×4の穴をあける。
  2. 端から2番目のブロックを1段掘り下げる。
  3. 一番端のブロックに水を設置する。
  4. 反対端のブロックに溶岩を設置する。そうすれば溶岩の横に丸石が生成されるようになります。


安定した木材の供給をできるようするには、樹木農場も設ける必要があります。そのため、植える樹木に応じて苗木の間隔を正確に決めて、苗木を3〜5ブロック離して配置します。 これによって、修理やツルハシ、その他の必要なもののためのかなり安定した木材の供給源ができました。 さて、あなたがピースフル以外の他の難易度でプレイしているなら、食料の供給源となる農場を持っている必要があるでしょう。 これが小麦農場であるなら、水を安定して供給することが必要になることでしょう。



Another great way to obtain infinite supplies such as food, wool, leather, and other passive mob drops is to create a Mob Farm. First, create a penned in area with fences and fence gates. Then, lure two of each species you want into the pen using their preferred food item (such as carrots for pigs, wheat for sheep and cows, seeds for chickens, etc.). Once you have two of each mob you want, you can breed them at any time you want- provided the parents have a five-minute cooldown period. You can slaughter the mobs at any time, just bear a couple of things in mind. First, to kill any passive Overworld Mob in one hit, use at least a stone axe and jump before attacking to critical hit. Second, remember to keep at least two of each animal so you can use them for breeding and supplies infinitely.

Once you have these basic farms, you should be able to live in a single place indefinitely.

Iron Golem Farm[]

For additional common resources, such as iron, special advanced farms can be built. An iron golem farm is the best way to go pre-1.8. For that, you need to gather at least 2 villagers (using minecarts or similar tricks) and breed them using houses (a door with a block above counts as a house).

With 1.8, villager breeding has been changed, so now you need to trade with at least two of them to make them "willing". This can be considerably harder at times.

With 1.14, iron golem spawning has been changed. Now villagers will attempt to spawn a new iron golem if a mob is hostile towards villagers such as a zombie approaches. In Bedrock Edition, iron golems will spawn in villages with at least 20 beds and 10 villagers, and where at least 75% of the population has worked recently.

The best strategy to get easy villagers on maps without villages (such as Skyblock) is to get a blaze rod from the Nether. You then craft a brewing stand and brew a splash potion of Weakness. Then, capture a zombie villager and make sure it can't escape or get harmed by another zombie, but that you can still reach it. (In Skyblock, glass bottles can be gathered by killing witches that spawn occasionally). First, throw the splash potion of Weakness at the zombie villager. Then, you only need to feed it a golden apple and wait.

Do this again to another villager because at least two villagers are required for gossiping, then craft and place a grindstone, smithing table, or blast furnace to let the villagers adopt the professions of weaponsmith, toolsmith, or armorer. Trade with them till they reach apprentice or journeyman level, after which you can buy a bell. You need to trade several times and allow villagers to resupply at their job site block when their trades get locked. They can unlock their trades twice per day. If you don't have emeralds, you can trade coal. Once you buy a bell, place it near beds so villagers will recognize it as gathering site. Now you have all the supplies needed for an iron golem farm.

Alternately, one can build an iron golem farm directly in a village, eliminating the need to transport villagers. For a tutorial on how to make an iron golem farm, see Tutorials/Iron golem farming.

In SkyBlock[]

If you're in a SkyBlock world, gathering resources is a bit different, due to limited space and resources. The biggest things are to never craft items or blocks unnecessarily, make farms for any renewable resource before using up that resource, and being careful, since a careless player could easily fall into the void in SkyBlock. There are some items and blocks that need to be acquired differently than normal Survival, however.

For making potions, you will need glass bottles. This may seem to be a problem however, as glass bottles require glass or sand. Neither are feasibly renewable pre-village and may not spawn at all in a SkyBlock world. What you will have to do is get witches to spawn and drop a glass bottle, or fish up a water bottle. Keep in mind that witches are rarer than other mobs. The only way to acquire gold in SkyBlock is to kill zombified piglins, find a river biome and farm drowned, or smelt gold equipment. Wandering traders, however, can spawn anywhere and sell most items or blocks needed for skyblock. But, their trades can be useless as a player needs emeralds for them and most of the prices are somewhat expensive just for a single item.

One of the hardest parts of SkyBlock is finding a nether fortress. This is because SkyBlock only consists of a few blocks, which is not enough room for a nether fortress. However, mobs that only spawn in nether fortresses will spawn where a nether fortress would be if it were a normal map. One way to do this is to keep building platforms outwards, until nether fortress mobs start spawning. Note that this may take a very long time, as nether fortresses are often very far away from each other. Another way how to find a place where nether fortress mobs should spawn is to find seed of your skyblock world using /seed and then create a normal world, using the seed. Then enter the nether portal, find nether fortress, memorize the coordinates of it and then build a platform at the skyblock world exactly on these coordinates.