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Minecraft Earth[]

  • Furnace Golem - 溶鉱炉の体をしたアイアンゴーレム。
  • Melon Golem - スイカ頭のスノウゴーレム。

Minecraft Dungeons[]

a mob that can aid the player in battle in Minecraft Dungeons when summoned using the Golem Kit artifact

  • キーゴーレム
  • レッドストーンゴーレム, a boss mob found in the Redstone Mines, which become minibosses in later levels
  • スコールゴーレム, a hostile mob from the Howling Peaks DLC.
  • テンペストゴーレム, the final boss of the Howling Peaks DLC.
  • Iron Golem Cape

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