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Ez a sablon az alábbi modult használja: Modul:Schematic, Ez egy Luában írt szkript.
Lásd: hu.wp:Lua és mw:Extension:Scribunto!
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This template displays a block sprite built from File:SchematicSprite.png.


SchematicSprite can take one named parameter and any number of unnamed parameters:


The size parameter may be added to specify the width and height of the sprite in pixels. Its value should be a simple number with no units added (e.g., size=16). If omitted, size defaults to 32.

Sprite sheet for SchematicSprite

A sprite parameter identifies the sprite to be displayed from the sprite sheet on the right.

If the sprite parameter is not recognized as a valid sprite identifier, it is simply displayed as center-aligned text within the sprite's bounding box. Overflow text is not displayed, so this is primarily intended to be used to display one or two characters in a schematic (such as input and output locations, feature markers to be referenced in text, or numbers representing light levels or distance). HTML character entity references may be needed for some characters, such as &#124; for the pipe character: |, or &#61; for an equals sign.

When multiple sprite parameters are defined, the resulting sprites or text are stacked on top of each other, from bottom to top in the order they were defined.


Empty parameters

{{SchematicSprite}} omitting the sprite parameter produces a blank sprite (i.e., air)

{{SchematicSprite|}} a defined but empty sprite parameter also produces a blank sprite
A {{SchematicSprite|A}} displaying a single character
A {{SchematicSprite|size=16|A}} text scales to sprite size (size=16)
{{SchematicSprite|&rarr;}} displaying an HTML character entity reference
{{SchematicSprite|Q&#x305;}} using an HTML character entity reference to combine a character with a diacritical mark
15 {{SchematicSprite|15}} two characters usually fit…
MM {{SchematicSprite|MM}} …but some do not — text that doesn't fit aligns to the left edge and overflows to the right
Sprite identifiers
{{SchematicSprite|grass block}} displaying a sprite predefined by a sprite identifier
Stacked sprites
{{SchematicSprite|SB+rd-!}} redstone dust on block of gold
A {{SchematicSprite|size=24|SB+A}} text on block of gold
A {{SchematicSprite|obsidian+A}} text has a blurred white shadow behind it, to help it show up against dark backgrounds

SchematicSprites can also appear in the flow of text, like this: .

List of identifiers

An identifier is a string of characters that specify which sprite to display.

Basic identifiers


Redstone identifiers


See also

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