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Ez a sablon az alábbi modult használja: Modul:UI, Ez egy Luában írt szkript.
Lásd: hu.wp:Lua és mw:Extension:Scribunto!

This template is used to create an interface that looks similar to the Brewing Stand's.

See Template:Inventory slot for basic slot usage, this documentation page will cover additional or different functions.


{{Brewing Stand
|Input=   Nether Wart
|Output1= Awkward Potion
|Output2= Awkward Potion
|Output3= Awkward Potion
will result in


To make the slots animate, you make a list of items you want to show, separated by semicolons.

{{Brewing Stand
|Input=   Nether Wart,10; Redstone,64
|Output1= Awkward Potion; Splash Mundane Potion
|Output2= Awkward Potion; Splash Mundane Potion
|Output3= Awkward Potion; Splash Mundane Potion
will result in



Mod images and normal images can be combined just like in a single slot.

When uploading mod images, they must have the mod page name in parenthesis at the end. For example Fancystone (FancyPack).

The Mod parameter can be used to set a default used for all parameters, this is best used when all items in the brewing stand are modded items, or if the mod name is long and using the vanilla (v) parameter for the vanilla items in the stand would be quicker.

{{Brewing Stand
|Mod= IndustrialCraft
|Input= v:Redstone,2
|Output1= Electronic Circuit
|Output2= v:Glowstone Dust
|Output3= Advanced Circuit,6
{{Brewing Stand
|Input= Redstone,2
|Output1= IndustrialCraft:Electronic Circuit
|Output2= Glowstone Dust
|Output3= IndustrialCraft:Advanced Circuit,6


Electronic CircuitAdvanced Circuit6

Note the links of the vanilla Minecraft items, compared to the IndustrialCraft items.

See also

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