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1.7.10 is an update which makes it possible for additional features to be added to Realms without the need for a Minecraft version upgrade.

Changes to Realms[]

  • All Realms-related modules were moved into a separate library
    • Future additional features to Realms will not require new releases of Minecraft
  • Improvements in User Interface

Additions to Realms[]

  • Player activity monitor
  • The ability to upload one's own worlds
  • Access to more server settings
    • PVP: Be/Ki
    • Nehézség: Békés/Könnyű/Normál/Nehéz
    • Spawn protection: Ki/1-16
    • Játékmód: Kreatív/Adventure/Túlélő
    • Spawn Animals: Be/Ki
    • Spawn Monsters: Be/Ki
    • Spawn NPCs: Be/Ki
    • Command Blocks: Be/Ki


7 hiba javítva

From released versions before 1.7.2

  • MC-3256 – Memory leak when starting large TNT chain reactions
  • MC-19992 – Minecraft server stores player data in case sensitive filename

From the 1.7.x release versions

  • MC-39077 – Server/client performance single host
  • MC-46398 – Command Blocks Realms not severs
  • MC-55580 – Minecraft Realms: User will still have Operator rights after re-inviting him/her

From the same release

  • MC-59612 – No Realms version visible - Not on screen, not in crash report
  • MC-62821 – Realms Envelope Icon Hitbox is not alligned to icon.


  • This is the first version to have more than 3 digits on the version number since Beta 1.7_01 in June 2011
  • With this revision, 1.7 became the first minor version to roll from single-digit to double-digit revision numbers since Alpha 1.0.10 in July 2010