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La version Beta (aussi connu sous le nom de 1.2 build 5) est la 5ème version bêta pour la version 1.2 qui fixe des bugs[1]



Livre de recettes
  • Ajout d'un bouton si les joueurs ont besoin d'aide pour apprendre à l'utiliser
  • Ajout de "Plutonium mode" – un paramètre expérimental qui pourrait augmenter la fluidité des images pour certains utilisateurs.


Le reste de cette page est à traduire en Français.
  • Continued improvements to the Recipe Book, especially when using a touchscreen
  • Item names will now appear, then fade away when an item is selected in the Recipe Book on a touchscreen
  • Health, armor, oxygen, and hunger status bars are now displayed when playing with a controller on Pocket UI
  • 'Cancel' button no longer appears when changing dimensions
  • The 'Generate Random' button has been renamed to 'Create New World'
  • Animations of some blocks are no longer synchronized after world reload
  • Fixed mining animation for a block behind a torch not appearing after destroying the torch
  • Fixed clocks and compasses not appearing in the hotbar until equipped when Classic UI is enabled
  • Air bubbles no longer appear on the HUD when underwater in Creative mode
  • Items are now animated in the Recipe Book when using Pocket UI
  • Fixed sprinting when brushing against blocks so sprinting will only stop if directly hitting a block
  • Slightly increased sprinting and walking speeds
  • Mob heads will no longer overlap the Recipe Book screen
  • Animation of crafted banners with patterns now have the proper icon in the Recipe Book
  • Fixed a crash when creating, loading, or joining a world after leaving another session
  • Fixed a crash when taking a mob head from the Recipe Book
  • Fixed crashes and world corruption that occurred when using /tickingarea
  • Firework rockets no longer have a debug string as their entity name
  • Ocelots no longer sink into the ground when chasing chickens
  • The End portal that is generated after killing the dragon no longer has missing blocks
  • Fixed rails not rotating or connecting to each other
  • Player permissions can now be changed if the target player is outside the render distance of the OP
  • Mounted mobs no longer die from fall damage before reaching the ground
  • Turning Operator permissions off now automatically turns off Teleport
  • Fixed several menu alignment issues