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Date de sortie

2 février 2022

Snapshot pour



La 22w05a est la deuxième snapshot de la 1.18.2 de la version Java, sortie le 2 février 2022, elle fait un changement avec les badlands et des corrections de bugs.


Génération du monde[]

  • Reverted changes in 22w03a to avoid causing generation changes and chunk borders.
    • This change will be re-introduced later.


18 bugs corrigés
From released versions before 1.18
  • MC-4533 – Water graphical glitch when connecting diagonally.
  • MC-70848 – Water looks like it flows up.
  • MC-105317 – Structure blocks do not rotate entities correctly when loading.
  • MC-214289 – Pointed dripstone can replace blocks when generating.
  • MC-216004 – Wood pillars from mineshafts are generating on pointed dripstones.
  • MC-216589 – Abandoned Mineshafts don't delete dripstone in certain situations.
  • MC-232290 – Foxes will lay down in powder snow and not try to escape even when taking damage.
  • MC-248225 – Incorrect BlockPos getSquaredDistance() calculation.
From 1.18
  • MC-236775 – Biome selector is disordered in other languages.
  • MC-243152 – Slimes spawn in "Redstone Ready" Superflat worlds.
From 1.18.1
  • MC-245772 – Outdated chests' loot tables get deleted when updating to 1.18.1.
  • MC-245910 – Campfires and hoppers cause constant chunk saving.
  • MC-247636 – Deleting a world no longer logs that a world is being deleted.
Provenant de la version de développement précédente
  • MC-248181 – The player disappears at certain heights.
  • MC-248189 – Teleporting below level 0 from the Overworld to another dimension freezes the game on the loading screen until player dies.
  • MC-248195 – Typing /placefeature crashes client when connected to a server.
  • MC-248210 – Harsh chunk borders appear when upgrading to 22w03a.
  • MC-248230 – Players get stuck on the "Loading terrain..." screen after rejoining the world whilst above or below the build limit.