These are our guidelines for Discussions, separate from the policy for the wiki. The four sections are: "DO" "DO NOT" "REPORTING CONTENT (via report button)" "Ideas of what to write about include:" DO 1. Follow FANDOM's terms of use (located at This includes being at least 13 years of age and not promoting free (illegal) copies of Minecraft. If you break the Terms of Use, you will be blocked from the wiki and potentially blocked across all of FANDOM. 2. Re-check the guidelines periodically. An announcement in Discussions is often accompanied with a rule change, but this is not always guaranteed. 3. Read through an entire post before commenting, as well as all the comments (not just the title of the discussion). There doesn't need to be several identical answers after one has already been given, but you are welcome to add on to the original response or make your own. Also, please keep comments on-topic. 4. Consult an administrator (a yellow star sticker will be in the top-left corner of their profile picture) if you have any questions, comments, concerns. You can post on their wiki message wall or on the Discord ( DO NOT 1. Use profanity, rage, flame, or berate other users etc. 2. Ask a question that the wiki has already answered. Try to look through previous discussions first, to see if one related to your topic already exists. 3. Write in a non-English language or about a non-Minecraft topic. There may be a wiki in your native language, and non-Minecraft topics can go in the Discord. 4. Spam. This includes making numerous posts about the same thing (it should all be kept in a single discussion thread), writing gibberish, or having little text in the description of a post. Polls do not count as text. If your first ever post to the wiki is obvious spam, you will be blocked. REPORTING CONTENT (via report button) Spam-reporting is not allowed, but otherwise there is no penalty for reporting content--even if you are wrongly accusing it. If you limit yourself to about ten reports a day (which, in reality, will probably never be necessary), then you will be fine. If you report your own post, or a reply to your own post, then that post/reply is guaranteed a deletion as soon as a moderator sees it. Again, this is in reference to the reporting button. This does not replace any other rules for messaging a moderator on Discord or on the wiki itself. Ideas of what to write about include: -Questions (or answers) -Games -Fan art or in-game creations -Mods -Whatever else seems interesting Enjoy the Minecraft Wiki Discussions! If you would like to become a Discussions Moderator, see .
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