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Granja de cactus es la siembra sistemática y posterior recolección de cactus. Las Granjas Cactus son útiles para la adquisición de tinte verde, por la fundición de los bloques de cactus. Las configuraciones agrícolas interesantes, eficaces y grandes se pueden lograr mediante el uso de estructuración creativa de bloques de la fuente de agua y la arena. Crecimiento Cactus se consigue en bloques de arena y con una ausencia de bloques adyacentes junto a las plantas.


Tiered Cactus Rows[]

Si hay espacio disponible por encima de un cactus de alta 1 o 2 cuadra, pero si hay un bloque de al lado de donde el nuevo bloque de cactus será, entonces el cactus crecerá e inmediatamente se desprenden, cayendo un recurso cactus alrededor de su base. El agua fluye a continuación pueden ser utilizados para mover las gotas de muchos cactus plantados a un único punto de recogida. El truco es colocar el bloque de "interruptor" a lo largo de la misma fila que el cactus, por lo que obliga al bloque de cactus caído en el agua. Granjas de cactus de alta eficiencia se pueden generar utilizando filas y cascadas con gradas, como se ve a continuación.

You may also put a Torch to prevent freezing in a snowy or freeze-prone biome. Keep in mind that some of the cactus drops can be destroyed by the cactus block.

Pedestal Cactus Farming[]

With this method of cactus farming, you can harvest cacti without taking damage by using a platform and a water canal for the cactus blocks. First, look for a 12x12 square and begin with a line of 7 sand blocks.[1] After that, build a footing with Cobblestone or any other block you like and surround the sand line.[2] Then, build another layer with Cobblestone so you can reach the second level of a grown cactus so you can hit them easily.[3] Lastly, get a bucket with water and pour out the water in the middle of the sluice.[4] Wait for the cactus to grow up and break the upper block while standing on the pedestal. With this method of farming you gain about 85% of the cactus blocks.

Pistón empuja el bloque de base[]

Los pistones se pueden establecer en un lugar donde cuando activan, el extremo empujando es adyacente al bloque de base de los cactus, que lo causa y los bloques por encima de su ruptura.

Piston pushing an adjacent block[]

This is a very simple design, with pistons below the gravel blocks. When the cactus has fully grown, activating the pistons will then push the gravel blocks up, which will break all the adjacent cacti blocks. This is very effective when it comes to harvesting it as cacti yield is 100% with no loss, though it requires you to replant them. This design is also very easily expandable.

And when you are done harvesting, contracting the piston blocks will also allow the gravel to fall. Hence this design does not require any sticky pistons.

Piston pushing middle block[]

Another method is to setup pistons to push the middle cactus block, breaking the top two blocks. This allows the third, bottom block to remain that replanting is not necessary. Note that cacti will not render as many blocks and is potentially less efficient due to losing blocks in the process, similar to stepping on tilled dirt with seeds growing and losing the seedlings.

Automatic Harvesting[]

The concept behind this is done with the setup outlined above, except when constructing your building you need to place blocks two spaces above the sand, adjacent to (but not touching the sand) so that they float in the air. The reason behind this is that when cactus comes in contact with an adjacent block it will auto-shed the segment of cactus touching it. This way, when the cactus grows to its 3rd segment high, your floating block will be adjacent to the cactus, so the top piece will break and fall into the water.

Some notes about this though:

  • When a collectable block touches a cactus it will be destroyed. So sometimes when it auto-sheds itself the collectable cactus block will fall onto living cactus and destroy itself.
  • It may be more beneficial to place the block high enough so that when the 2nd segment attempts to grow it harvests itself. This reduces the waiting period of growth in the initial planting.
  • You want to minimize the number of possible points of contact for a cactus block to make contact and fall back to the living cactus. Using the dense checkerboard pattern, consider using iron bars or glass panes and placing them with the bars/panes separated by 3 spaces on the cardinal direction and 1 space on the ordinal direction. This ceiling pattern ensures that all cactus are only being touched on one side, and minimally so (2 pixels), giving the block plenty of room to escape.
  • It is also possible to make a transport system for the cactus if you place a single water source in the corner of the 'box' you constructed for the farm. When placing the water block, you need to place it on the 2nd block above the ground to create a 'down fall' of water which then produces the required force to allow the water to reach the farthest corner away from the source block. With this setup it is possible to have the newly harvested cactus blocks float to a single collection point.
  • Try to experiment with wooden pressure plates at the collection point. Set up a redstone torch which stops burning when the pressure plate is pressed down by a cactus block.
  • The block adjacent to the top cactus can be a sign rather than a solid block.

Multi-nivel Farming[]

Las Granjas automáticas pueden ser apilados uno encima de otro para aumentar el rendimiento.

Using a design like this, you can create insanely large and space efficient cactus farms. Also, with some water, hoppers, and a chest, you can make it fully autonomous leaving it, and collecting the cactus later.


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