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Tommaso Checchi
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Nombre real

Tommaso Checchi

Fecha de nacimiento

April 8[1]


Game developer



Conocido por

"Easy Stuff"[2]

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Tommaso Checchi is a member of Mojang AB. Before working on Minecraft, Tommaso was a programmer on Cobalt's game engine. Jeb acknowledges him as being good at working on C++ and graphics/rendering.[3]

He currently works for the team of development for Minecraft Pocket Edition.[4] He also stated that while Johan is working on the "hard stuff", such as Realms, he would work on the "missing & easy things",[2] such as splash text to the main menu in Pocket Edition.[5] He also works on the game's graphics, such as adding improvements to the sky, glowing spider eyes, updated chest model,[6] zombies and skeletons lighting on fire under sunlight,[7] shadows and mipmaps.[8][9]

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