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Esta plantilla utiliza el Módulo:Protocol version, un script escrito en Lua.

This template provides the protocol version when given a version name.

Versión desconocida

Versions lacking protocol version information will be linked to this section.

Java Edition
To determine the protocol and data versions from 18w47b (1.14) to current versions, you can look in the version.json file inside the client.jar. For older versions, one may use burger's version topping (or existing burger data on http://pokechu22.github.io/Burger/(version).html).
Bedrock Edition
Protocol versions are listed at the bottom of the profile settings.

Versions lacking such data will be placed into Category:Unknown protocol version. Note that versions where some data is specified, but the protocol version is unknown (or that predate the introduction of multiplayer) will not be included in that category, only ones that completely lack an entry on the table.

If you know the value of an unknown protocol or data version, please add it to Module:Protocol version/Versions.

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