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Esta plantilla utiliza el Módulo:Block value, con datos almacenados en Módulo:Hardness values.
Estos scripts están escritos en Lua.

This template is the single source for all Hardness values. It is meant to be the single source for this information; this way, when new blocks are added or values are changed, they can be changed here and automatically propagate everywhere they are used.


{{Valores de dureza|Obsidian}} becomes ?.

{{Valores de dureza|Non-existing value}} becomes ?.

Missing value

If you got here by following a "?" link, it means the value for this parameter is not defined. There are two main reasons this could happen:

  1. The page's name was changed, but it hasn't been updated in this template yet. Edit the module and fix the name.
  2. There is a new block, and data hasn't been entered for it yet. If you know the correct value, edit the template and add a new entry. Please don't guess or put in something random just to make the "?" go away!

See also

  • |Valores de resistencia a explosiones=
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