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Esta plantilla utiliza el Módulo:Espacio de inventario, un script escrito en Lua.

The inventory slot template creates an interface element which looks and acts like an in-game inventory slot.

The images used are primarily taken from {{InvSprite}}, but if the specified item is not found, the template falls back to individual images in the format of Grid <item name>.png. However, this should never happen, and any cases of it happening must be looked into.


Todas las entradas son opcionales:

|[Title]Mod:Name,Amount[Description]; [Title2]Mod2:Name2,Amount2[Description2]; ...
|mod=Default mod (useful for animations and layout templates)
|default=Image always shown under the main image
|align=Vertical Alignment
|link=Link override
|title=Text show on mouseover
|class=Adds additional classes to the .invslot class
|style=Adds styling to the .invslot
|imgclass=Adds additional classes to the .invslot-item
|numstyle=Adds styling to the stack number


The first parameter is a special parameter consisting of various "parts" grouped together in frames (delimited by ;) which will be display one after another if JavaScript is enabled. Every part is optional, but without "name", won't do anything.

Ejemplo simple

Para mostrar un objeto de inventario de "Chuleta de cerdo cruda" con un tamaño de pila de 20 debe colocarse: {{Slot|Chuleta de cerdo cruda,20}}

  1. REDIRECCIÓN Plantilla:Espacio de inventario

Una cantidad de 2–999 es soportada, todo lo demás no se mostrará.