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Esta plantilla utiliza el Módulo:Command, un script escrito en Lua.

This template is used to generate auto-formatted commands. Commands can either be pasted directly into the template (with or without a slash), or each parameter specified as a separate argument.

Any parameter that isn't specified or is set to an empty value or ? will be replaced with the default parameter for the command, if it is a known command and a valid parameter. These parameters are formatted as Comandos#Sintaxis.


  • To output the rest of the command including optional parameters, add ... to the template.
  • To remove the forward slash, add |/=0 or |slash=0 to the template.
  • To change the command name's link, add |link=<link> to the template.
  • To remove the command name's link, add |link=none to the template.
  • To add HTML in the command, add |escape=0 to the template. It's then your responsibility to <nowiki> anything that looks like HTML but isn't.
  • If a command is long and may go off the edge of the screen, add |long=1 to the template. This allows the code to wrap as well as displaying it on its own line.


{{Comando|say I'm saying stuff!}}
/say I'm saying stuff!
/op <targets>
/clear [<targets>] diamond
{{Comando|give ? diamond}}
/give <target> diamond
{{Comando|give ? diamond|...}}
/give <target> diamond [<count>]
{{Comando|tp a ~ ~ ~ facing|...}}
/tp a ~ ~ ~ facing (entity <facingEntity> [<facingAnchor>]|<x> <y> <z>)
{{Comando|tp a ~ ~ ~ facing 1|...}}
/tp a ~ ~ ~ facing 1 <y> <z>
{{Comando|execute as ? run|...}}
/execute as <targets> run -> command
{{Comando|give ? command_block{BlockEntityTag: {Command: "{{Comando|setblock ~ ~ ~ diamond_block}}"}<nowiki/>} }}
/give <target> command_block{BlockEntityTag: {Command: "/setblock ~ ~ ~ diamond_block"}}
{{Comando|long=1|1= /data modify entity @e[x=0, y=64, z=0, type=dolphin, limit=1] Attributes[{Name: "generic.armor"}] merge from block|2=...}}
/data modify entity @e[x=0, y=64, z=0, type=dolphin, limit=1] Attributes[{Name: "generic.armor"}] merge from block <x> <y> <z> [<sourcePath>]


  • You can use {{Comando|execute run ?|...}} to show all known commands' syntax.
  • Commands containing equals signs or vertical pipes must be escaped to display correctly. For equals, if using a single argument place 1= at the start of the command, otherwise replace each equals sign with {{=}}. For vertical pipes replace each one with {{!}}.
  • Commands containing braces must be careful not to end with a brace or have two or more next to each other. In a case such as: {{Comando|data {some:"data"}}}, a space can simply be placed at the end of the command: {{Comando|data {some:"data"} }}, or place <nowiki> tags around the problem area.
  • Texts in nowiki or other tags cannot be read by module. So placing spaces, bracket, braces or quotes into nowiki tags maybe makes it unable to separate parameters correctly. Please use self-closing tags, or enclose the whole parameter with nowiki. In a case such as: {{Comando|data {some:{more:"data"}}}}, use nowiki tags: {{Comando|data {some:{more:"data"}<nowiki/>}<nowiki/>}}, or {{Comando|data <nowiki>{some:{more:"data"}}</nowiki>}}, whatever is more readable.
  • However it may be complex if a command contains multiple separate dataTags. In that case, use separate arguments for the parameters.
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