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Usando esta plantilla, podrás cargar una tabla de {{achievements}} desde la sección de Logros u otro artículo especificado.


|1= can be used to specify the name of the achievement to load. The name will be the same as the title shown on the achievement, although only one name is required in the case of a split title, and it is case insensitive. If the achievement cannot be found, the page gets added to Category:Missing achievement. Using ; between achievement names allows multiple different achievements to be loaded in a single call.

Setting |id= shows the Internal ID column. It defaults to hidden.

To allow another usage of this template or of {{Achievements}} to be used underneath, set |continue=.

The parameter |page= can be set to determine the page to load the achievement from. It defaults to Achievements


{{load achievements|Getting Wood}}


Icono Logros Descripción en el juego Requerimientos reales (si difieren) Puntaje de jugador obtenido Tipo de trofeo (PS)
Getting Wood.pngMadera de líderPunch a tree until a block of wood pops out.Pick up a log from the ground.10GBronce
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