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Michael Stoyke
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Michael Stoyke


Game developer




English, German[1][2]

Conocido por

Working on Minecraft Coder Pack
Specifying rotations using /tp[3]

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Michael has almost worked on Minecraft as long as [Mojang game developers] have, or maybe longer.

Jens Bergensten[7]

Michael "Searge"[8] Stoyke is a Game Developer working at Mojang AB. He is currently working on Minecraft. His employment at Mojang was announced on November 2, 2013 at the "Future of Minecraft" panel at MineCon 2013.[7] His first day at the Mojang office was January 2, 2014.[9] He is most well known for founding the Minecraft Coder Pack. He is the founding member of modjam and is known for his 'secret feature' game where he adds secret features, mainly command block ones, to the game in secret and waits for users to find them and report them on twitter.

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