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Minecraft Alpha v1.0.14
Alpha v1.0.14.png

Java Edition

Fecha de publicación

30 de julio de 2010


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Otros casos
de 1.0.14
  • Nintendo Switch Edition

La versión Alpha v1.0.14, también conocida como Seecret Friday 7, es la séptima seecret update del juego. En ella, se añadieron pollos, huevos, tocadiscos, discos de música, vagonetas con tolvas, vagonetas con cofres, nuevos efectos de "splash" y se ha reañadido música.

Two main different versions of Alpha v1.0.14 exist. Only the second is available in the launcher. The reupload fixed the jukebox recipe giving a bookshelf in the pre-reupload version and added splash "Switches and ores!".

The blog post for Alpha v1.0.15 is falsely labeled as also being for "Minecraft Alpha v1.0.14".[1] The date of the jar and the timestamp of the post clearly show that it is Alpha v1.0.15 instead.

Elementos añadidos[]


Jukebox JE1 BE1.png Jukebox


  • Added new splashes:
    • Haha, LOL!
    • Hampsterdance!
    • Switches and ores!


Egg JE1 BE1.png Eggs
  • Can't be thrown.
Music Disc 13 JE1 BE1.png Music Disc Cat.png discos de música
  • 13 and cat.
Minecart with Furnace (item) JE1.png Minecart with Furnace JE1.png Minecart with Furnaces
Minecart with Chest (item) JE1 BE1.png Minecart with Chest JE1.png Minecart with Chests


Chicken JE1 BE1.png Chickens
  • The fourth passive mob to be added into the game.



  • Cactus blocks now can grow to a height of three blocks, allowing for farming. Prior to this update, cacti would not grow.


  • The tip of an arrow in crafting is now made from flint rather than iron ingot.


Cow JE2.png Cows
  • Texture and model changed from Cow JE1.png
Slime JE2 BE1.png Slimes
  • Slime spawning has now been reduced as they now appear in abundance.
    • A miscalculation in the new limit has now caused slimes to spawn only in strange locations, so natural slime spawning has now been disabled.

Generación del mundo[]

  • Changed the generation of trees.
  • Changed the generation of flower patches.


  • Re-added music after it was removed in inf-20100227
  • Three new additional ambience music pieces were added also.
Pantalla de menú
  • Changed Minecraft logo from Java Edition logo 3.png to Java Edition logo 4.png which, due to a bug, is missing part of the M.



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