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Minecraft 21w06a
Java Edition 21w06a.png

Java Edition



Fecha de publicación

10 de febrero de 2021

Snapshot para



Cliente (.json)

Mapas de ofuscación


Versión de protocolo

 dec: 1073741838
 hex: 4000000E

Versión de datos


21w06a es el noveno snapshot de Java Edition 1.17, lanzado el 10 de febrero de 2021,[1] y en el cual se añaden nuevos patrones de generación de cuevas y se introduce el cambio en la altura máxima de construcción (que ahora es de 384).

Worlds created prior to this snapshot or after 21w15a cannot be loaded and edited in this version without NBT editors, due to there being no upgrade path towards the expanded height limits in this snapshot. However, it is possible to use Combat Test snapshot worlds due to the data version exceeding that of the 1.17 snapshots.

Contenidos añadidos

Generación del mundo

  • Added new noise caves, which come in two types: "spaghetti" and "cheese" caves.
  • Added flooded aquifer caves.
  • The old "carver" cave generation still generates, combining with the new caves.
Spaghetti caves
  • Long, narrow caves.
  • Utilize noise generators for generation.
  • Can form cave entrances when they intersect with land.
Cheese caves
  • Utilize noise generators for generation.
  • Often form caverns of various sizes.
  • Can form cave entrances when they intersect with land.
  • Usados para generar cuerpos de agua en nuevas cuevas.
  • Currently only used below Y=31, meaning any noise caves between Y=31 and Y=63 are flooded with water. This will be fixed in a later snapshot.
  • Magma blocks may generate at the bottom of these new water bodies, creating downward bubble columns.
  • Replaces the old underwater cave carvers/canyons.
  • Fish spawn in aquifers if it is under an ocean or river.


Paquetes de datos
  • Added  aquifers_enabled and  noise_caves_enabled to worldgen/noise_settings/*.json.



Plantaforma grande
  • Ya no dejará de doblarse cuando estés agachado sobre ella, saltando sobre ella o saltando desde ella.
  • Ahora se doblarán más rápidamente.
  • Now tilt when hit with a projectile, instead of being broken.
  • Ahora pueden usarse con redstoneCan now be used with redstone.
    • Powering a dripleaf will now prevent it from tilting down (except for projectiles).
    • Powering an already tilted dripleaf will tilt it back up.
    • Unpowering a dripleaf down will allow it to tilt down again.
Raíces colgantes
  • Se han modificado sus texturas.
Plantaforma pequeña
  • Se han modificado sus texturas.

Generación del mundo

  • Ahora la superficie tiene una atitud de 384 bloques.
    • The world has been extended 64 blocks up and 64 blocks down, which means it's now possible to build from layer -64 to layer 319 in the Overworld.
    • Ore placement below Y=0 is temporary, and underground lava does not generate properly yet.[2]
Minas abandonadas
  • Mineshaft pieces no longer generate if they were fully floating in the air.
  • Corridors now generate with (bark) wood pillars for support if needed.
  • Las telarañas ya no aparecerán flotando si no tienen un bloque adyacente.


The warning message attached to old worlds.

1.16 world loaded in 21w06a by changing the level.dat

Menú de selección del mundo
  • Se ha desactivado temporalmente la posibilidad de cargar mundos antiguos.
    • This can be bypassed by setting the data version in level.dat to 2694 or higher. However, this may cause issues.


6 errores solucionados
De versiones publicadas antes de 1.17
  • MC-105035 – Floating mineshafts generating incorrectly in shade.
De las versiones de desarrollo de 1.17
  • MC-205227 – Wither Skeletons don't die in powdered snow unless fully submerged.
  • MC-213813 – Las plantaformas pequeñas podían destruir cualquier bloque.
  • MC-213941 – Big dripleaf inconsistently play sounds when in the unstable state.
De la versión de desarrollo anterior
  • MC-214118 – When mobGriefing is disabled, big dripleaves can still be destroyed by projectiles shot by mobs.
  • MC-214346 – Big dripleaf can be broken with arrows in spawn protection.


Videos made by slicedlime


  • This snapshot marks the first time since 12w07a, almost exactly 9 years prior, that the height limit was increased.
  • This is also the first time that the build limit has been increased downwards.