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Minecraft 20w30a
Java Edition 20w30a.png

Java Edition



Fecha de publicación

22 de julio de 2020

Snapshot para



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Versión de datos


20w30a es la cuarta y última snapshot para Java Edition 1.16.2, publicada el 22 de julio de 2020,[1] que permite que las linternas sean tengan el estado "waterlogged" y corrige varios errores.


28 errores solucionados
De las versiones publicadas antes de 1.16
  • MC-35765 – Text viewed in a right-to-left language while the game is set to another language renders backward and disconnected.
  • MC-57869 – Some item tooltips use § for coloring, rendering them incorrect in right-to-left languages.
  • MC-116857 – Advancement descriptions use unnecessary capitalization on generic resource names.
  • MC-148447 – Villagers often get stuck while trying to go through a door at the same time.
  • MC-149060 – Villagers "spam" doors by opening and closing them really fast.
  • MC-153195 – Mobs can drop items with duplicate enchantments.
  • MC-181925 – Unarmed vexes raise their arms in an offensive way when attacking.
Desde 1.16
  • MC-187344 – Fast graphics tooltip has incorrect "tree-leaves" spelling.
  • MC-187379 – Text for pack.incompatible.confirm.new makes no sense.
  • MC-187380 – Incorrect grammar in en_us translation of pack.dropConfirm.
  • MC-188389 – Several minor errors in datapackFailure.title.
  • MC-188390 – Comma splices in four strings.
  • MC-188392 – Death message for getting shot by a skull is not grammatically correct in all situations.
  • MC-188621 – Mojang "Production Manager" credit is indented further than other credits.
  • MC-188880 – Baby zombified piglins riding on chickens are not positioned properly.
  • MC-189918 – Multiplayer warning uses "Mojang" instead of "Mojang Studios."
  • MC-190102 – Some UI strings are not consistently capitalized.
  • MC-190288 – Fabulous and Fancy graphics tooltips have missing commas.
  • MC-191441 – Right-to-left text is rendered bottom-up in some cases.
Desde 1.16.1
  • MC-191562 – "Cancel" button overlaps "Done" button when uploading a world to Realms, making users unable to upload world.
  • MC-192296 – Spider jockey from a spawner minecart crashes with java.lang.IllegalStateException: Entity is already tracked.
  • MC-193276 – Player floats slightly above a strider while riding it.
  • MC-193339NullPointerException during shutdown when rcon enabled with no password.
De las versiones de desarrollo de 1.16.2
  • MC-194273 – Save data of new Nether biomes is lost when upgrading a world to 20w28a or above.
  • MC-194350 – Some feature configurations do not load in a datapack (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: value already present: clh@77f95e19).
De la versión de desarrollo anterior
  • MC-195052 – The angle argument in the /spawnpoint command does not use the minecraft:rotation parser.
  • MC-195119 – Villages no longer generate in "Classic Flat" Superflat preset.
  • MC-195582 – Typing a colon twice or after a slash in chat when specifying a function/item/block/etc. in a command crashes the game.


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