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Minecraft 20w27a
Java Edition 20w27a.png

Java Edition



Fecha de publicación

1 de julio de 2020

Snapshot para



Cliente (.json)

Mapa de ofuscación


Versión de protocolo


Versión de datos


20w27a es el primer snapshot de la Java Edition 1.16.2, lanzado el 1 de julio de 2020,[1] en el cual se añaden los piglins brutos y se corrigen varios errores del juego.

Contenido añadido[]


Huevos generadores


Piglins brutos
  • Variante más fuerte de los piglins, equipados con hachas doradas.
  • Al contrario que los piglins, siempre son hostiles hacia el jugador.
  • Tienen 50♥ × 25 de salud.
  • Solo aparecen durante la generación del mundo en los bastiones en ruinas.


  • Added mushroom_grow_block block tag.
    • Contains mycelium, podzol, and crimson and warped nylium.
    • Used to determine which blocks mushrooms can be placed on and which blocks huge mushrooms can grow on, even if the light level is high.



Brown and red mushroom
  • Can now be placed and grown on both types of nylium.
Crimson and warped fungi
  • Can now be placed on mycelium.
    • Will still only grow into a huge fungus on the respective nylium.


  • Can now be leashed.

World generation[]

Bastion remnants
  • Now spawn piglin brutes on world generation.
    • Normal piglins still spawn.


  • Piglin brutes are now used for the "Monster Hunter" advancement and count toward the "Monsters Hunted" advancement.


  • Dropping resource packs into the menu now updates the list of resource packs without needing a reload.
  • Data packs can now have a pack.png in the root folder, and will display it in the data pack menu.


27 errores solucionados
Desde versiones lanzadas antes de la 1.16
  • MC-1058 – A dragon head is invisible if the entity wearing it is not in view.
  • MC-2404 – Stepping down while sneaking allows falling off of blocks.
  • MC-49476 – NBT HideFlags does not hide "Dyed" on leather armor.
  • MC-68487 – Player heads of the same player always have the same skin texture, even if the saved texture data is different.
  • MC-97507 – Using item which modifies the held item shows "Gear equips" subtitle.
  • MC-145691 – Binding "Open/Close Inventory" to Tab ↹ only opens the inventory.
  • MC-150417 – Some items get stuck in soul sand when there is liquid above the soul sand.
  • MC-160723 – Bamboo crouch sliding off.
  • MC-180447 – Game crashes when placing player head down.
Desde la versión 1.16
  • MC-171739 – Weeping and twisting vines, bamboo, and kelp can be replaced by "saplings" by breaking and placing the block at the same time.
  • MC-174762 – Villager iron golem respawn timer is reset when the chunk is reloaded.
  • MC-178729 – Red and brown mushrooms cannot be grown into huge mushrooms on nylium, while they can on all other "grass" blocks.
  • MC-182652 – Ruined portals do not always generate with a chest.
  • MC-183663 – Farmer villagers do not compost correctly.
  • MC-183743 – Iron golem overpopulation bug.
  • MC-185274 – Subtitles still show "Gear equips" when eating in snapshot 20w21a or newer.
  • MC-188473 – Resource pack screen no longer updates when adding or removing resource packs.
  • MC-188969 – Having a suspicious stew in a player’s inventory prevents any type of suspicious stew from going into their inventory when milking a brown mooshroom.
  • MC-189909player_interacted_with_entity does not trigger if there is only one item and the item gets consumed.
  • MC-190021 – Trying to mount a pig or strider while sneaking plays the hand animation.
  • MC-190266 – Players and other entities can catch on fire after logging on while riding a strider in lava.
  • MC-190274 – Collecting liquids in bottles in creative mode is inconsistent with the new creative mode bucket mechanics.
  • MC-190849 – Slime blocks can only push entities 5 blocks high instead of 6 blocks high as in 1.15.2.
  • MC-191467 – Resource packs screen is not updated in real time when packs are dropped in the folder.
Desde la versión 1.16.1
  • MC-191915 – While in a boat the elytra does not show as enchanted.
  • MC-191953 – End gateway occasionally fails to teleport player to/from the End islands.
  • MC-192894 – Transparency layers lose their auxiliary depth buffer ID when resized.


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