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Java Edition



Fecha de publicación

27 de noviembre de 2017

Snapshot para



Cliente (.json)

Versión de protocolo


Versión de datos


La 17w48a [1] es la octava snapshot publicada para la Java Edition 1.13.


Formato de comando[]

  • Ajustes en la interfaz de usuario de sugerencias de comandos.
  • Finalización de tabulación reelaborada para coordenadas.
    • Cuando no está apuntando a un bloque, la finalización de tabulación ahora inserta las coordenadas del aire que el jugador está mirando a 6 bloques de distancia en lugar de ~~.
    • Las coordenadas insertadas serán coordenadas de bloque (enteros) cuando el comando utilizado se relacione con bloques.


  • Las recetas personalizadas ahora se cargan desde paquetes de datos en data/(namespace)/recipes/(name).json.
  • Apagar el paquete de datos vanilla también eliminará todas las recetas.
Mensajes de muerte
  • Se agregó un mensaje de muerte para cuando el jugador es volado por una cama en el fondo o al final.
    • " Jugador fue asesinado por [Diseño de juego intencional]".
      • Al hacer clic en "[Diseño de juego intencional]" se abre un enlace a MCPE-28723.
Paquete de recursos
  • Se cambió el número de formato a 4, debido a The "Flattening".


58 errores solucionados
De versiones publicadas antes de 1.13
  • MC-1685 – Unable to write in a new blank book and quill after renaming it in an anvil.
  • MC-1875 – Snow layers don't drop themselves when harvested with a silk touch tool.
  • MC-4438 – Items dropped on unburnable blocks turn invisible when trying to ignite the block.
  • MC-4581 – Fishing rod bobbers can go through nether/end portals, but disappear.
  • MC-4923 – Flint and steel and fire charges can place fire at invalid positions.
  • MC-5024 – Reticle/Crosshair not centered on the screen.
  • MC-5037 – Riding a pig/horse with a cape causes it to not behave as expected.
  • MC-5305 – Burning arrows in ground are not extinguished by rain.
  • MC-11138 – Creative inventory GUI border are considered as exterior to the inventory.
  • MC-31346 – When the player lights a cobblestone wall, it turns into a corner piece for a second.
  • MC-75279 – Cape physics while sprint-flying.
  • MC-77570 – "And" doesn't get translated when listing entities.
  • MC-86980 – Placing some blocks at position and side of any replaceable block isn't possible.
  • MC-88230 – When feeding a tamed horse or llama with a golden apple/carrot or hay bale, the cursor moves to the right.
  • MC-115123 – Parrots keep moving their legs even if they are on shoulders.
  • MC-118408 – Torches and redstone torches cannot be placed on top of a jack o'lantern but can be placed on pumpkin.
  • MC-122195 – Collision box of cauldron and ender portal frame with ender eye inside is slightly wrong.
De las versiones de desarrollo de 1.13
  • MC-121379 – Functions, advancements and loot tables allow other filetypes than .mcfunction and .json.
  • MC-121638 – Anvil renaming only works client-side.
  • MC-121664 – Unable to tab-complete coordinates.
  • MC-121713 – Players can't press right-click groups in the recipe book.
  • MC-121781 – execute if block doesn't work when used alone.
  • MC-122147 – Acacia fences, fence gates, and pressure plates are stored after dark oak ones in creative inventory.
  • MC-122182 – Inconsistent behavior of autocomplete.
  • MC-122211 – Boat jitters when the player turn.
  • MC-122274 – Can't ride saddled pigs.
  • MC-122305 – Cullface on the tops and bottoms of glass panes causes crashing.
  • MC-122414 – Pumpkin pie can be crafted with carved pumpkins.
  • MC-122472 – Fence gates lose pixels, when connected with a fence.
De la versión de desarrollo anterior
  • MC-122313 – Tuning a note block with a block on top emits particle and sound.
  • MC-122315/setblock "forces" player to provide a block state for certain blocks.
  • MC-122319 – Banners are not stackable.
  • MC-122322 – Short-pulsed sticky piston pushing a block creates second arm.
  • MC-122324 – Particles cause frame rate to drop significantly.
  • MC-122325 – Difficult to place a block on top of hoppers and cauldrons.
  • MC-122336 – Shields are unaligned to player.
  • MC-122340 – Spawn egg the spawning destination is one block higher than the original.
  • MC-122347 – Can't open shulker boxes or chests on LAN world.
  • MC-122350 – Crafting a lime or magenta banner makes wool instead.
  • MC-122363 – Wooden pressure plates and buttons aren't grouped in the recipe book.
  • MC-122365 – Recipes for cut sandstone and chiseled sandstone are reversed.
  • MC-122367 – Lily pads can't be placed when blocks are highlighted.
  • MC-122370 – Rain sound does not play.
  • MC-122373 – Skeleton killing a creeper crashes the game.
  • MC-122379 – Dyed sheep drop their original wool color.
  • MC-122382 – Sugar cane replaces blocks when growing.
  • MC-122430 – Left click with debug stick while shifting does not show property for blocks with only one property.
  • MC-122440 – Bone blocks under note blocks don't make correct sound.
  • MC-122450 – Command argument completion suggestion does not appear when not using minecraft namespace prefix.
  • MC-122453 – Attached melon and pumpkin stems do not break when farmland below is trampled.
  • MC-122456 – Players can fall through end portal frames.
  • MC-122487 – Randomized blockstates do not apply full models.
  • MC-122495 – Cancelling backup screen using ESC opens main menu.
  • MC-122496 – Missing cancel button on backup screen.
  • MC-122497 – Pressing ESC while opening world shows main menu for short amount of time.
  • MC-122501 – Redstone and sugar canes items use the block translation instead of their item translation.
  • MC-122570 – New trapdoor recipes not showing.
  • MC-122577 – Mobs get stuck in the cauldron.


Video realizado por slicedlime:


  • A diferencia de la mayoría de las snapshots de la primera de la semana hasta este momento, esta se publicó un lunes en lugar de miércoles.


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