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Fecha de publicación

November 19, 2015

Snapshot para


15w47b[1] was released to fix some issues with 15w47a, along with adding various new sounds.


Item pickup
  • When you pick up an item, the item entity will go transparent slightly when it moves into your inventory.
  • Added new sound event entity.shulker.hurt_closed.
  • Removed sound event entity.guardian.thorns.
  • Renamed sound event entity.player.attack.parry to entity.player.attack.nodamage.
  • Added new sound assets for many sound events added in previous versions.Verify
    • New sounds for scoring a critical hit, inflicting knockback, parrying, full charged attacks, sweep attacks and little to no charge attacks.
      • Uses the entity.player.attack sound events: crit, knockback, nodamage, strong, sweep and weak
    • New sounds for when an attack is blocked by shields.
      • Uses the sound event: entity.shield.block
    • New sounds for witch idle behavior, death, drinking a potion, throwing a potion and taking damage.
      • Uses the entity.witch sound events: ambient, death, drink, throw and hurt
    • New sounds for shulker idle behavior, death, being hit while their shell is closed, their bullet taking damage, and their bullet inflicting damage.
      • Uses the entity.shulker sound events: ambient, death and closeVerify and the entity.shulker_bullet sound events hurt and hit
    • New sounds for the attack of the killer rabbit.
      • Uses the sound event: entity.rabbit.attack
    • New sounds for a horse eating food given by the player.
      • Uses the sound event: entity.horse.eat
    • New sound for when a brewing operation is complete.
      • Uses the sound event: block.brewing_stand.brew
    • New sound for placing a boat.
      • Uses the sound event: block.boat.place
    • New sounds for when the player is dealt thorns damage from guardians and armor.
      • Uses the sound event: enchant.thorns.hit


  • Now bounce off of creative mode players, whereas before they would pass straight through.
  • Effect duration depends on pyramid levels, 9 seconds plus 2 seconds per level (formerly a constant 9 seconds).
  • Silk Touch can no longer be applied to shears in survival.
    • This makes cobwebs unobtainable in this snapshot.
  • Now lose durability when used to break any block (formerly only lost durability on leaves, web, grass, vines, tripwire, and wool).


5 errores solucionados
De versiones publicadas antes de 1.9
  • MC-8180 – Silk touch Shears don't lose durability when mining grass, ice, etc.
  • MC-16834 – horses don't have sounds for eating
  • MC-62975 – Using pick block on any colour banner gives a black banner
De las versiones de desarrollo de 1.9
  • MC-88908 – OS X - When ⌘ Cmd+A in the Commandblock GUI/chat/... you auto strafe when exiting GUI
De la versión de desarrollo anterior
  • MC-92906 – Skins, entities and block entities become transparent