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November 5, 2015

Snapshot para


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15w45a[1] is the thirty-ninth snapshot released for 1.9. The development team's aim had been to have the 1.9 release feature-complete by the end of October 2015, followed by a period of bug-fixing,[2] and this snapshot was first snapshot during that planned time period of bug-fixing.


  • Added a Realms Notifications toggle to the Options menu, toggleable to ON and OFF.


  • Tweaks to pathfinding and monster-AI.
  • Some performance optimisations.
  • Added sounds for shulkers getting damaged
  • Overpowered is changed from "Build a Notch Apple" to "Eat a Notch Apple".
Elder guardians
  • Rare drops now only provide fish, as they had in 1.8 versions, eliminating fishing treasure and fishing junk that had been seen in snapshots.
  • The dark oak boat can now be crafted.
Lily pads
  • Collision box was raised from 14 of a pixel to 1 pixel in height.
  • Are crafted at a zoom level of 1:1, as was the case before 15w34a.
    • Can no longer be zoomed in.
  • This reverts maps to 1.8 behavior.
  • Placing a pattern on a shield now consumes the banner.
  • Tab-completed coordinate arguments now become tildes if no block is in focus.
NBT tags
  • The Linger byte tag on ThrownPotion entities has been removed.
    • Instead, the potion will linger if the stored item has an ID of minecraft:lingering_potion.
    • The following command creates a ThrownPotion lingering potion: /summon ThrownPotion ~ ~5 ~ {Potion:{id:"minecraft:lingering_potion",tag:{Potion:"minecraft:swiftness"}}}
  • The ThrownPotion will render as its stored item, no matter the item.
    • For instance, if the stored item has an ID of minecraft:diamond_sword, the potion will appear as a diamond sword while being thrown.


86 errores solucionados
De versiones publicadas antes de 1.9
  • MC-10 – Mobs temporarily glitch out of fenced areas / into blocks
  • MC-417 – Arrows first bounce back then appear at correct location.
  • MC-1307 – Corner stairs have a gap in the hitbox
  • MC-1451 – Sideway placed blocks (quartz, hay bales, wood logs) textures are not rotated properly.
  • MC-7169 – Able to place nether portal blocks in the End; teleporting to the nether won't load chunks
  • MC-9280 – Glass panes and Iron Bars dont line up on one side
  • MC-10343 – Leaving world when riding stacked entities unstacks or deletes the stack
  • MC-30557 – Fishing water particles show on land
  • MC-36933 – When using “Pick Block” on glowing Redstone Ore, it doesn’t give you anything.
  • MC-44823 – Rapid teleports cause occasional rubber-banding
  • MC-45077 – Knockback enchantment bypasses the knockback resistance attribute
  • MC-46503 – Spectator Mode keep filter after /kill while still having the mob's shader
  • MC-47262 – tiny debug crosshair in f5 mode
  • MC-48616 – All Mobs move extremely slowly in water.
  • MC-55909 – Rapid teleportation occasionally causes commands being executed on entity to occur at previous location
  • MC-58188 – Tripwire Hook block model lighting bug with Smooth Lighting OFF (Fix included).
  • MC-59511/tellraw in command block has incomplete previous output when tag is incorrect
  • MC-61716 – Melon/pumpkin stem faces adjacent grown block even if the seed isn’t mature.
  • MC-64009 – Banners don't stack when breaking a block that they are placed on
  • MC-67630 – Missing “Close Window” packet in the beacon.
  • MC-68170 – Thrown items are mirrored.
  • MC-70268 – Missing colon after “Game Mode” in Open to LAN screen.
  • MC-70873 – Write variant long in PacketDataSerializer doesn't work properly
  • MC-71044 – Mooshrooms take damage when jump in enclosed space
  • MC-72511 – Iron Golem ignoring baby zombie
  • MC-72548 – Minecart name lost
  • MC-73056 – All wooden doors look like oak doors on maps.
  • MC-73459 – Sea lanterns surrounded by clay only illuminate one side
  • MC-75043 – Invalid lang in options.txt leads to connection error
  • MC-75344 – Wolf model is not centered visually
  • MC-78796 – “Fuel” tag for furnace minecarts overflows.
  • MC-87350 – Mob can’t jump one block when there is slab.
  • MC-89698 – Certain characters crash the game when used in a server IP.
De las versiones de desarrollo de 1.9
  • MC-83141 – Clock/Compass icon resets when grabbed.
  • MC-83561 – Not sure if bug - Chorus fruit eating sound doesn't finish playing
  • MC-84246 – Splash water creates floating water puddles when hitting sideways fire
  • MC-84517 – Chorus fruit particles not showing in correct position
  • MC-85011 – Chorus Fruit Teleportation sound not playing
  • MC-85029 – Multiplayer: Clocks in item frames do not tell the time.
  • MC-85835 – Lingering potions have same texture as splash potions when thrown.
  • MC-86296 – We can not extend or improve lingering potions with redstone or glowstone.
  • MC-86344 – Tipped arrows' effects are applied even when blocked
  • MC-86672 – Splash/Lingering potions do not enter brewing stands via hopper.
  • MC-86905 – Shields not treating shulker projectiles correctly and dosen't prevent fireball's fire damage
  • MC-87016 – Weird world rendering when coming through nether portal
  • MC-87037 – All Players Near Spawn Kicked, Malformed JSON
  • MC-87238 – Zooming in a map always picks the same center for the next map.
  • MC-87490 – Chorus fruit deplete your saturation faster if the teleportation fails
  • MC-87992 – teleporting long distances doesnt load chunks
  • MC-88336 – Shulker Collision Box.
  • MC-89266 – Skeletons cannot shoot bow.
  • MC-89408 – An incorrect wheat
  • MC-89456 – Standing in End Gateway placed with /setblock causes huge FPS drop.
  • MC-89639 – pistons are not visible
  • MC-89766 – Items on top of lily pads dance and jump from pad to pad.
  • MC-89884 – Mobs forgot how to walk on Lily Pads.
  • MC-89995 – Villager AI (farming) broken.
  • MC-90063 – Slime block propulsion.
  • MC-90131 – Dispensers can't equip Elytra.
  • MC-90166 – Elytra shows same animation for all players
  • MC-90279 – Chorus Fruit Fall Damage.
  • MC-90379 – When all entities are killed, Wither Skulls get stuck.
  • MC-90404 – normal swing speed on all tools
  • MC-90578 – All poeple got kicked from Server when someone destroy frozen_ice with Silk Touch Pickaxe
  • MC-90590 – Dark Oak Boat is uncraftable.
  • MC-90607 – Elytra bug when hitting walls
  • MC-90635 – Silk Touch on frosted ice drops air item.
  • MC-90639/replaceitem command doesn't use correct slot numbers for main and off hand.
  • MC-90659 – Mobs that are on fire will not jump into water.
  • MC-91128 – Lily pads can now be placed on ice and frosted ice, but will not stay.
  • MC-91286 – Villlagers wearing Thorns armour stops zombies attacking.
  • MC-91321 – Subtitles don’t appear if sound volume is set to off.
  • MC-91377 – Guardian and elder guardian can drop bows, fishing rods and other fishing treasure/junk.
  • MC-91552 – Overpowered achievement can’t be obtained.
  • MC-91567 – Leads break instantly/teleport to 0,0,0 visually.
  • MC-91583 – Unable to shift-click additional items into brewing stands' fuel slot
De la versión de desarrollo anterior
  • MC-91710 – Texture broken on stairs (uvlock is broken).
  • MC-91713 – Dispenser dropping Arrow instead of Shooting.
  • MC-91715 – Fence / Cobblestone / Fence Gate Wall texture UV are misaligned.
  • MC-91737 – luck is listed as negative effect.
  • MC-91750 – Chorus plant texture stretched.
  • MC-91753 – Buttons uvlock-related texture issue.
  • MC-91754 – Pre-generated end crystals are invulnerable.
  • MC-91786 – Game Crashes When Wolf/Iron Golem Kills Mob.
  • MC-91804 – “Fire cackles” Subtitle.
  • MC-91859 – Z-Fighting (or something similar) at top of Cobblestone Wall.