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Fecha de publicación

October 22, 2015

Snapshot para



Client (.json)

15w43b was released to fix an issue with multiplayer from the previous snapshot and to get custom drop tables working, as well as add subtitles.[1]

Additions[editar | editar código]

General[editar | editar código]

  • Subtitles which display sounds for the hard of hearing/deaf.
    • Mobs have individualised subtitles, for example “Creeper hissing”.
    • "<" or ">" points in the direction the sound is coming from.

Changes[editar | editar código]

  • Golden apple will now always be present, and will no longer disappear if the chunk is unloaded before the chest is opened.
  • Made the basement walls less uniform
  • Elder guardian (but not guardian) drop chances for raw fish or prismarine crystals changed again. Now it's a 50% chance for fish, 33% for crystals, and 16.7% of nothing, with the amount increased by Looting.
  • Wither skeletons' coal drop changed to 0–2 coal, incremented as usual with Looting. This is still an increase over 15w42a.
  • Squid now drop 0–2 ink sacs (was 1–3), incremented as usual with Looting.
  • Undid several other changes from 15w43a:
    • Ghasts' drops reverted back to 0–2 gunpowder and 0–1 tears, incremented as usual with Looting.
    • Rabbits drop feet again as a rare drop.
    • Rabbits' meat drop is no longer affected by Looting.
    • Skeletons' drops reverted back to 0–2 arrows and 0–2 bones, incremented as usual with Looting.
    • Wither skeletons' bone drop reverted back to 0–2 bones, incremented as usual with Looting.
    • Zombie pigmen's drops reverted back to 0–1 rotten flesh and 0–1 gold nuggets, incremented as usual with Looting.
  • No longer shows the flowing animation when directly adjacent to glass.

Fixes[editar | editar código]

9 errores solucionados
De versiones publicadas antes de 1.9
  • MC-2931 – Boat location desync
  • MC-35790 – Stationary water shows flowing animation at the sides of glass blocks
  • MC-72878 – Name plate is inside baby villager's head
De las versiones de desarrollo de 1.9
  • MC-90096 – Dispensers don't dispense all types of boats
  • MC-90576 – Frost Walker turns flowing water into frosted ice
De la versión de desarrollo anterior
  • MC-91043Packet 0/72 (ia) was larger than I expected, found 19 bytes extra whilst reading packet 72
  • MC-91044 – Language selection screen is empty
  • MC-91046 – Missing pack.mcmeta on default resource pack
  • MC-91098 – Rabbits doesn't drop rabbit foot

References[editar | editar código]