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Fecha de publicación

October 21, 2015

Snapshot para



Client (.json)

15w43a is the thirty-fourth snapshot released for 1.9.[1] Most notably, Chinese, Japanese and Korean (and likely other IME languages) can now be input into chat thanks to bug MC-2781 being fixed. Igloos were also added in this version.

Additions[editar | editar código]

Loot tables
  • All loot from mobs, chests etc. is now based on loot tables, excluding block drops.
    • Can be changed by mapmakers by adding a json file within the "WORLD/data/loot_tables" folder, however it's broken in 43a.
Generated structures
NBT Tags
  • Chests/Minecart chests
    • LootTable (string): Loot table to be used to fill the chest when it is next opened or destroyed. When the chest is part of a double chest, only the half corresponding to the tagged single-chest will be affected.
      • e.g. /setblock ~ ~1 ~ minecraft:chest 0 replace {LootTable:"minecraft:chests/simple_dungeon"}
    • LootTableSeed (long): Seed for generating the loot table. Used in vanilla survival to replicate chest content in new worlds with same seeds. 0 or omitted will use a random seed.
      • /setblock x y z minecraft:chest 0 replace {LootTable:"chests/simple_dungeon",LootTableSeed:12345}
  • All mobs
    • DeathLootTable (string): Determines which loot table will be used when the mob is killed.
      • e.g. /summon Creeper ~ ~1 ~ {DeathLootTable:"minecraft:chests/simple_dungeon"}
    • DeathLootTableSeed (long): The deterministic seed for grabbing data from the loot table. Used in vanilla survival to replicate chest content in new worlds with same seeds. Must not be 0.
      • e.g. /summon Creeper ~ ~1 ~ {DeathLootTable:"minecraft:chests/simple_dungeon",DeathLootTableSeed:123l}

Changes[editar | editar código]

Debug screen
  • Now shows more information.
    • F3 + Q gives help.
      • Shows all F3 + key combinations.
    • F3 + F now increases render distance by 1 (Min and Max are 2-32).
    • F3 + ⇧ Shift + F now decreases render distance by 1 (Min and Max are 2-32).
    • Shows if the pie chart and FPS chart are shown on screen.
    • Shows text in chat when you reload chunks, sounds, etc.
    • Does not open the F3 screen when you use a specific key combination like F3 + N, F3 + B, etc.
    • Removed F3 + S, which previously reloaded sounds.
      • F3 + T now reloads all resource pack content, including sounds.
Generated structures
  • Stronghold
    • Increased number of strongholds to 128 per world, rather than 3.
  • /gamemode
    • Now displays in chat the gamemode the player switched to.
  • Librarians charge double for books with "treasure" enchantments.
  • Frost Walker no longer works on flowing water.
  • 150+ new sound events[2]
  • New wooden button and iron/gold/wooden pressure plate sounds

Note: many changes below were reverted or modified in 15w43b and 15w43c, with the exception of the change to the drop chances from guardians, the change of elder guardians dropping dry rather than wet sponges, the addition of Looting affecting chicken and rabbit meat drops, and the change to how Looting affects spider eye drops. Also, as of 15w34c horses again drop their items, but always 1 rather than 0–2.

  • Mobs wearing armor or carrying weapons no longer drop the equipment, i.e. HandDropChances and ArmorDropChances are ignored.
  • Chickens and rabbits now drop more than one meat item when killed with Looting.
  • Rabbits no longer rarely drop feet.
  • Spiders and cave spiders drop eyes more often (now 50% chance, previously a 33% chance normally and 66%/77%/82.5% with Looting) and the amount is now increased by Looting.
  • Pigs no longer drop worn saddles.
  • Endermen no longer drop the held block.
  • Sheared sheep now drop wool when killed.
  • Horses no longer drop leather, bones, or rotten flesh. Saddles, horse armor, chests, and chest contents are still dropped when applicable.
  • Ghasts now drop 0–3 gunpowder and 0–2 ghast tears (up from 0–2 gunpowder and 0–1 tears), incremented as usual with Looting.
  • Guardians and elder guardians no longer rarely drop fish as if from fishing.
  • Elder guardians now drop dry sponges on any kill, rather than wet sponges on a player kill.
  • Guardian and elder guardian drop chances for raw fish and prismarine crystals changed. Now it's a 40% chance for fish, 40% for crystals, and 20% of nothing, with the amount increased by Looting. Formerly it was 33% raw fish and 33% of crystals only if the raw fish drop failed, with Looting increasing the chances but not the amount.
  • Zombie pigmen now drop 0–2 rotten flesh and 0–2 gold nuggets (up from 0–1 of each), incremented as usual with Looting.
  • Skeletons now drop 0–3 arrows and 0–3 bones (up from 0–2 of each), incremented as usual with Looting.
  • Wither skeletons now drop 0–3 coal and 0–3 bones (up from 0–1 coal with "0" having double chance and 0–2 bones), incremented as usual with Looting.

Fixes[editar | editar código]

4 errores solucionados
De versiones publicadas antes de 1.9
  • MC-1315 – When all 3 end portals have failed to spawn there is no way to get to the end
  • MC-2781 – Chinese, Japanese and Korean (and probably other IME entered languages) characters not working
  • MC-72397 – Alex Model Displays Items Incorrectly
  • MC-72839 – F3 + A will always make you walk left slightly

References[editar | editar código]