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Fecha de publicación

October 14, 2015

Snapshot para



Client (.json)

15w42a is the thirty-third snapshot released for 1.9.[1]


Splash text
  • "Falling with style!"
  • "There's no stopping the Trollmaso"
  • "Throw yourself at the ground and miss"
  • "Treasure" enchantments
    • Can only be obtained from chest loot, fishing, or trading for enchanted books.
  • New "treasure" enchantment: Frost Walker
    • Turns water into frosted ice.
    • Different tiers:
      • Level I creates a circle of frosted ice around the player with a radius of 2 blocks.
      • Each additional level adds 1 to that radius.
    • Works while riding mobs
    • Will not turn water into frosted ice if an entity is in that spot.
    • Works as long as you are with in one block above a solid block.
    • Flowing water will also turn into frosted ice, making one bucket of water enough to make an infinite water source.
    • Cannot be combined with Depth Strider enchantment.
  • New "treasure" enchantment: Mending
    • Any experience collected while holding the item repairs it instead of going to the experience bar.
      • Mainhand, offhand, and armor slots all count as held.
      • If multiple held items have the enchantment, one will be chosen at random for each XP orb collected.
      • Repairs at a rate of 2 durability per XP.
      • If the amount of repair needed is less than the value of the XP orb, the extra XP will go to the experience bar.
      • Shields cannot be enchanted with mending using /enchant or a survival anvil.
        • Mending enchantment does affect the shield when using creative anvil or NBT commands.
  • Frosted Ice
    • Created when using "Frost Walker" enchantment.
    • Cannot be obtained in inventory, neither with silk touch nor with commands. (Can only be placed using /setblock)
    • Despawn after a few seconds.
      • Despawning takes place in four breaking stages (blockstates: age:0, age:1, age:2, age:3). Still decay with randomTickSpeed set to 0, but a higher number will make them decay faster.
      • Despawns faster with a higher light level (doesn't despawn at night).
NBT Tags
  • Brewing stands
    • Fuel (byte): Stores how much fuel is remaining in a brewing stand
      • e.g. /setblock ~ ~1 ~ minecraft:brewing_stand 0 replace {Fuel:127b}


Anvil repairing
  • Renaming an item does not increase the repair cost for a future repair/rename any more.
  • Now slightly faster than sprinting.
  • Rowing in the right rhythm makes them go much faster.
  • Items are now useable immediately after paddling has stopped.
  • All types of boats are now craftable.
    • Due to MC-90590, the dark oak boat cannot be crafted.
Brewing Stand
  • Requires blaze powder to be able to use
    • One piece of blaze powder allows for 30 ingredients to be brewed in the brewing stand (tag: Fuel:30b).
      • To be exact, it removes 1 from fuel (1 blaze powder = 30 fuel) everytime you put an ingredient in. (If you take it out and put it back in, it takes another fuel)
    • Can be automated by putting a hopper feeding in the side of the block like water bottles.
  • Nerfed - the player is no longer able to go higher than where they started.
  • New sneaking animation.
  • The player can now fit through one block high gaps while gliding.
  • Horizontal collisions now deal damage, new death message: "Player experienced kinetic energy".
  • Enchantments with max 1 level will no longer display the level, e.g. "Infinity" rather than "Infinity I".
  • When multiple pieces of Thorns armor are worn, one will now be chosen at random instead of always using the "bottommost" piece.
  • When crouching, players are 1.65 blocks tall (versus 1.8 blocks normally).
  • When flying with elytra, players are now only 0.6 blocks tall.
Splash text
  • Changed "0% sugar" to "1% sugar".
  • Removed "SOPA means LOSER in Swedish!".


18 errores solucionados
De versiones publicadas antes de 1.9
  • MC-1565 – Silk touch and Fortune enchantments do not activate on last use
  • MC-11883 – Cured zombie villagers don't keep their profession
  • MC-12845 – Skeletons unable to damage the player when in a 2x1x2 area
  • MC-46164 – Zombie hit animation is only when they hold an item. (Should be every time they hit)
  • MC-55593/clear won't remove items 'in hand' in the inventory screen
  • MC-62485 – When using an invalid enchantment ID, /enchant says "<text> is not a valid number".
  • MC-81507 – Right clicking non placeable item give wrong animation
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-69097 – Flying into an unloaded chunk flashes random biomes.
De las versiones de desarrollo de 1.9
  • MC-83897 – Enchanted Books found in chests or fished don't have enchants.
  • MC-88646 – Spider Jockeys are broken - skeleton does not move
  • MC-89127Netty Epoll Server IO #26/ERROR
  • MC-90012 – Boats will paddle once when getting in for the first time
  • MC-90013 – Excessively slow boats.
De la versión de desarrollo anterior
  • MC-89923 – No AI Mobs from Natural Mob Spawners.
  • MC-89942 – Can only craft oak boats
  • MC-89975 – Elytra stationary while sneaking.
  • MC-89988 – Nether portals causing fall damage
  • MC-90099 – Player flying with Elytra has incorrect hitbox.