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Fecha de publicación

October 7, 2015

Snapshot para



Client (.json)

15w41a is the thirty-first snapshot released for 1.9.[1]


  • Function according to hang glider aerodynamics.
    • You don't receive fall damage if you fall from a small height while flying slowly (not nose-diving).
    • You still receive fall damage if you nose-dive directly into the ground.
  • Have to be equipped in the “chestplate” slot in order to work.
  • Have 431 uses and can be repaired on an anvil using leather.
    • When the durability reaches 1/432, will not break or take damage anymore. Instead the elytra will stop working and the texture changes to broken looking elytra.
  • Can be given the Unbreaking enchantment using an anvil or commands.
  • Legs will make a “walking movement” animation when you are stalling in the air.
  • Found on End Ships within an item frame, replacing the beacon/Searge's book
  • Wings fold while not gliding
  • Cape not displayed while wearing
  • Takes damage at a rate of 1/s
  • Similar to the Wing Cap item from Super Mario 64.
NBT Tags
  • All entities
    • Passengers (list): Replaces the original "Riding" compound tag. It has the ability to specify multiple passengers at equal depths, unlike "Riding". Instead of the deepest-nested "Riding" entity being the bottom-most in the stack of riding entities, the entity at the root of the data is at the bottom of the stack. For example, the armor stand in the following command is at the bottom of the stack while the cow and pig are at the same depth:
      • /summon ArmorStand ~ ~1 ~ {Passengers:[{id:"Cow"},{id:"Pig"}]}
    • Riding (compound): The "Riding" tag has been removed in favor of the new "Passengers" tag.
  • Players
    • RootVehicle
      • With the introduction of the "Passengers" tag, this new compound holds a copy of the entity the player is currently riding. "AttachLeast" and "AttachMost" are the UUIDLeast and UUIDMost of that entity, while "Entity" holds the actual data.
      • /testfor @a {RootVehicle:{AttachLeast:1l,AttachMost:1l,Entity:{id:"Boat",CustomName:"Test"}}}
  • Boats
    • Type (string): Determines the wood material of the boat that is displayed. Values are: oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark_oak.
      • e.g. /summon Boat ~ ~1 ~ {Type:"acacia"}


  • Mojang cape texture modified. The capes will also will not be seen if you're wearing the Elytras.
  • Improved cheat detection.
  • Now incorporates oar models.
  • Different kinds of wood boats.
    • Only oak boats may be crafted, due to MC-89942.
  • Changed how player movement is sent and processed by the server
  • Crafting recipe now includes a wooden shovel for the oars.
  • Now require oar movement to move, using the left and right keys.
    • The left key will paddle the left oar, turning the boat to the right – and vice-versa.
    • Holding both left and right will paddle both oars, propelling the player forward. Rapidly pressing left and right in alternation will make the boat travel even faster
    • Using the mouse, the player can look fully to the left or to the right, but not behind. This does not turn the boat.
    • Holding the forward, back or sprint keys no longer have any effect.
  • The player cannot use or attack with items in hand while the boat is in motion.
  • All entities can go into boats, with a maximum of two entities (including the player)
End ships
  • Removed hopper with book
  • Removed iron blocks
  • Extended the obsidian pattern on the floor
  • Added an item frame containing the elytra
  • Clerics now sell ender pearls (for 4–7 emeralds) instead of Eyes of Ender.
    • This means it is no longer possible to travel to the End without visiting the Nether.


6 errores solucionados
De las versiones de desarrollo de 1.9
  • MC-84155 – The End stops generating around X/Z ~= 524200
  • MC-84753 – The outer islands of the end have terrain glitches after around 9,975,300 x
  • MC-87041 – Kicked from server, Console spams "Netty Epoll Server IO #6/ERROR"
  • MC-88016 – Multiplayer problems
  • MC-89125 – Items sit on top of hoppers instead of going in them
  • MC-89699 – 1.9 snapshots resetting chunks with tamed cats