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Fecha de publicación

September 4, 2015

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Client (.json)

15w36d[1] was released to fix some bugs and crashes from 15w36a, 15w36b, and 15w36c, along with some balances and minor changes.

Additions[editar | editar código]

  • Armor protection is now an attribute (generic.armor), ranging from 0 (no protection) to 30.

Changes[editar | editar código]

  • The player can now edit the offhand slot of mobs via /replaceitem.
    • The item displays according to the dominant hand of the mob.
  • Removed armor durability decreasing defense points.
  • Armor defense points are now shown in the tooltip.
Command blocks
  • Each command block type now appears as a different color on maps.
  • Changed the sharpness calculation from Level + 0.5 * (Level - 1) to 1 + 0.5 * (Level - 1).

Fixes[editar | editar código]

10 errores solucionados
De versiones publicadas antes de 1.9
  • MC-78716 – Summoned entities have invalid / wrong dimension tag.
  • MC-81586 – Entities duplicate on server when no players are logged in due to fire at the edge of spawn chunks.
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-57508 – Sign with /tellraw score storaged in NBT in inventory cause no update when placed.
De las versiones de desarrollo de 1.9
  • MC-83040 – Two Handed Map Bug: Offhand map doesn't update.
  • MC-83841/replaceitem slot.weapon.offhand not working for mobs.
  • MC-86923 – Holes in the Ground.
  • MC-87871 – Iron Golem attacks peaceful mobs and player for no reason.
  • MC-87878 – End Void does not deal damage to the player / Can't fall into the void.
De la versión de desarrollo anterior
  • MC-87916 – Server warning: Tried to assign a mutable BlockPos to tick data.
  • MC-87979 – Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Starting integrated server.

References[editar | editar código]