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Fecha de publicación

August 20, 2015

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Client (.json)

15w34b[1] was released to fix some bugs from and extend features of 15w34a.

Changes[editar | editar código]

All mobs
  • Give off brown heart particles when hurt.
    • The amount depends on the damage dealt.
Command blocks
  • Improved handling of flow with failing commands.
  • 2 new settings - Unconditional and Conditional.
    • Defaults to unconditional.
    • When conditional is set, it will only execute when the command block behind it was successful in execution.
  • Now supports tab auto-completion.
  • New 'Attack Speed' attribute, generic.attackSpeed, measuring fully-charged attacks per second. Base is 4.0, meaning the bar refills in 0.25s.
    • Swords, pickaxes, and shovels have a modifier of -2.75, resulting in a value of 1.25 (bar refilling in 0.8s).
    • Axes have a modifier of -3.2, resulting in a value of 0.8 (bar refilling in 1.25s).
    • The haste effect increases the attack speed by 10%, while mining fatigue decreases it by 10%.
  • Armor points now depend on armor durability.
    • When armor reaches half durability, armor points will go to 1 (half an armor bar).
Minecarts with command blocks
  • Now have the impulse command block variant texture.

Fixes[editar | editar código]

4 errores solucionados
De versiones publicadas antes de 1.9
  • MC-185 – Creating or loading a singleplayer world shows the main menu for a brief second
De la versión de desarrollo anterior
  • MC-86619 – Hand moves up and down when scrolling through empty hotbar
  • MC-86625 – When summoning Giants (or Giants already in the game) they are invisible.
  • MC-86640 – Cursor does not appear on zoomed out / zoomed in maps

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