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Fecha de publicación

August 12, 2015

Snapshot para



Client (.json)

15w33a[1] is the seventh snapshot released for 1.9.


Splash text
  • "More Digital!"
Lingering Potion
  • Thrown like a splash potion.
    • Leaves a patch of the potion particle effect.
      • Entities that walk into it get the effect.
  • Has all the potion types, and works with potions whose effect are instant, like harming.
  • Brewed with dragon's breath and the corresponding splash potion.
  • The cloud duration can be controlled through a data tag.
  • Doesn't stack, like other potions.
Dragon's Breath
  • Found in the brewery section of the creative inventory.
  • Can be used to brew lingering potions by brewing it with a splash potion.
  • Can be obtained by right clicking with a glass bottle while the dragon breathes the homonymous attack.
  • Stacks to 64.
  • Per-item statistics for number dropped and number picked up.
    • stat.pickup and stat.drop.
  • New objective types: armor and level.
    • "armor" tracks the armor bar, that indicates the total protection from all currently worn armor pieces.
    • "level" tracks the level of the player which is the number above the experience bar and not the amount of xp points.
NBT tags
  • Added entity AreaEffectCloud (ID 3), child of Entity.
  • Added tags Age, Duration, WaitTime, ReapplicationDelay, DurationOnUse, RadiusOnUse, RadiusPerTick, Radius, OwnerUUIDLeast, OwnerUUIDMost, Particle, Color, and Effects to AreaEffectCloud.
  • Added ExactTeleport to EndGateway.
  • Added Linger to ThrownPotion.


End Gateway block
  • Changed texture to be both angle and face independent.
    • The footprint of the visible faces, will always display the same texture without deforming due to perspective.
      • Therefore any edges of the block that are not part of the footprint will be invisible.
  • Changed the beam texture to be unique
  • The HealF Float tag has been renamed to Health.
    • As a result, the original Health tag is now a Float type rather than Short.
Ender Dragon
  • Now shoots the previously added ender acid entities.
    • A fire charge like projectile.
    • On impact it spawns dragon breath and lights the ground on fire.
      • The dragon breath acts like a lingering potion, creating a special entity cloud.
        • Players in the cloud will get damaged.
  • Arrows get deflected and set on fire while the dragon is on top of the portal.
  • Extended potion of poison, potion of poison II, and extended potion of regeneration had their duration reduced.
  • Potion of strength changed from 130% bonus to damage to

3 (Heart.pngHalf Heart.png) of bonus damage (from relative to absolute).

  • Potion of weakness changed from 0.5 (

Heart.png × 14) reduction to damage to 4 (Heart.pngHeart.png).

  • Throwable potions now behave like other projectiles when used in dispensers.
    • They travel a much greater distance.
Pick block
  • In survival, pick block now works on items outside of the hotbar but inside the player's inventory.
  • In creative, using pick block normally will give the player a new one instead of existing ones with NBT.
  • ctrl+middle click no longer replaces items.
    • Existing items are put into the inventory instead of being deleted.
NBT tags
  • CommandStats can be used to obtain the number of scoreboard tags an entity has via QueryResult
    • Example: /scoreboard will return the number of "scoreboard tags" applied to the target.
      • If the target previously had 3 tags added, a score of "3" is returned.
  • Removed DataVersion from Entity. It is now only applied to Player only, child of LivingBase.
  • HealF under LivingBase has become deprecated.
  • Health under LivingBase has changed from type "Short" to "Float".
  • Life renamed to Age for EndGateway entity.
  • Equipment removed from ArmorStand and Living entity, its usage replaced by HandItems and ArmorItems which were added earlier.
Spawn Eggs
  • Can no longer address spawn eggs by numeric data id, like: give @p spawn_egg 1 50
    • The spawnable item from a spawn egg is now addressed by a datatag: give @p spawn_egg 1 {EntityTag:{id:"Creeper"}}
  • Now show absolute damage instead of damage increase
Command Block
  • The character limit is now 32500 instead of 32767


7 errores solucionados
De las versiones de desarrollo de 1.9
  • MC-82945 – UUID error: Tried to add entity with duplicate UUID spam
  • MC-83731 – Using /kill on the Ender Dragon doesn't end the fight
  • MC-84509 – End gateway block effect looks weird in third person
  • MC-85288 – "Save World" and "Cancel" Button have been switched
  • MC-85382 – Attempting to use a spawn egg on a block thats out of range throws error
  • MC-85542 – Enderdragon can destroy end_portal and end_gateway blocks
De la versión de desarrollo anterior
  • MC-85397 – Adult mobs spawned with mob eggs are "invalid", they can't be selected with @e