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Java Edition 14w10c




Fecha de publicación

7 de marzo de 2014



La 14w10c se publicó para solucionar algunos errores y cuelgues en las snapshots 14w10a y 14w10b.


  • Barrotes
    • Ahora renderice su textura superior / inferior incluso cuando esté conectada a otras barras de hierro desde arriba o desde abajo


Se han solucionado 34 errores

Desde las versiones publicadas antes de la 1.8

  • MC-1305: hit-box de la barrera de hierro arreglada
  • MC-2487: lighting cocoa | glowing when hit
  • MC-3084: Models improperly shaded at certain angles
  • MC-3151: New Mob AI doesn't take world limit/Void into account for pathing
  • MC-7001: Items in Item frame get dark when rotated (fast graphics)
  • MC-8509: Iron bars texture gap
  • MC-25378: Back of ladder missing - stronghold generation
  • MC-33030: Mobs (Endermen) don't flash red when hit in the end
  • MC-43012: glass pane z-fighting with itself
  • MC-50916: Zombie pigmen villagers are missing their inner head when spawned with {IsVillager:1}

Desde las snapshots de la 1.8

  • MC-45327: Grass blocks don't mipmap
  • MC-45346: Cake's Hitbox is Off
  • MC-45869: Summon Command Leash Knot crash
  • MC-46432: Fences connects to Barrier block
  • MC-47650: Block drops appear in wrong location or behind walls
  • MC-48284: Dropped items also have red lines
  • MC-48400: Slimeblocks dark texture
  • MC-50219: "Slightly Damaged Anvil" Faces the wrong way in Inventory
  • MC-50221: Exception on server start "Name and ID cannot both be blank" when started with online-mode=false
  • MC-50235: End Portal Frame Texture Bug

Desde snapshots anteriores

  • MC-50276: Planted Nether Wart appears as purple and black checkerbox
  • MC-50280: Missing cauldron inner side
  • MC-50288: Player data cleared after switching to 14w10b
  • MC-50296: Cobblestone wall not stacking correctly / Missing Post / Floating Torch
  • MC-50309: Pressure Plates use the "pressed down" graphic for their inventory icon
  • MC-50335: Fences partialy lose texture when connected to stonebrick
  • MC-50351: Double Sandstone Slab texture broken
  • MC-50370: Model Warning Console Spam When Switching Resource Packs
  • MC-50373: Cactus Rendered Too Bright
  • MC-50396: Can't model top and bottom half of doors separately
  • MC-50432: Tile Entities in a CLONE … REPLACE FORCE region are replaced by barrier blocks on the second clone operation
  • MC-50448: Rails are floating above the ground
  • MC-50453: Server crashing
  • MC-50460: Cobblestone wall connecting with Barrier blocks