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Minecraft 13w09c
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Java Edition



Fecha de publicación

1 de marzo de 2013

Snapshot para



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13w09c es la decimotercera snapshot de Java Edition 1.5, y se publicó para corregir algunos de los errores y cuelgues en las snapshots 13w09a y 13w09b.[1]



Relacionado con NBT
  • Se agregó una etiqueta NBT SeeFriendlyInvisibles para los jugadores.



  • Todas las pociones ahora están categorizadas en modo creativo.

Formato de comando[]

  • El amplificador ya no tiene un límite de 4.
  • El jugador ahora puede eliminar efectos ejecutando / effect <player> <effect> 0 .


32 errores solucionados
De versiones publicadas antes de 1.5
  • MC-16 – TP Bug when you sit in Minecart/boat/riding pig.
  • MC-32 – Minecart going in a circle will make any minecart close to them go super fast.
  • MC-49 – Sounds: Fire extinguish sound does not work in survival.
  • MC-5588 – Swords do not lose durability when used on the Ender dragon.
  • MC-6551 – Creative Menu potion values are not the same as when brewed (issue redo).
  • MC-7196 – Nether cave/tunnel generator produces incorrect/cut tunnels.
  • MC-9289 – Hitting mobs with a sharpness I wooden sword and weakness III crashes the game.
De las versiones de desarrollo de 1.5
  • MC-6055 – Powering noteblock with redstone block or torch does not work when powering it twice.
  • MC-7058 – Brewing stand comparator output inconsistent.
  • MC-7098 – Non-standard resolutions (and small standard resolutions) not detected properly.
  • MC-7208 – Missing quartz, hopper, and comparator textures.
  • MC-7249 – Quartz slabs and double slabs using wrong texture.
  • MC-7296 – lower resolution textures glitch.
  • MC-7520 – Inconsistent distribution system (based on hopper, hopper bug) using rails and minecart-chest over hoppers.
  • MC-7771 – Comparator not updating status after reloading chunks.
  • MC-8264 – piston arm disappears briefly when placed on an active power source.
  • MC-8426 – Crash caused by vertical wiring (half slabs / glowstone / full blocks).
  • MC-8806 – Hoppers stop working on chunk reload.
  • MC-9181 – Minecarts with Hoppers duplicating items when multiple carts are in the same space.
  • MC-9341 – Powering 2 pistons extends the wrong piston.
  • MC-9357 – Mobs with the old AI have inverted head movement.
  • MC-9363 – Rows of Vertical Down Piston Extenders have a >50% failure rate.
  • MC-9531 – Graphical glitches involving pistons.
  • MC-10312 – Minecraft crashes when a saddled pig you ride dies or when changing between rideable entities.
  • MC-10355 – Animations for items and blocks do not work properly.
De la versión de desarrollo anterior
  • MC-10415 – Unable to craft with blocks which have a damage value greater than 0.
  • MC-10501 – Invisible entities infinite spawn loop (client side) using minecart spawners causing severe performance issues.
  • MC-10503 – Crash when near crops.
  • MC-10510 – View would be upside down if the player had speed 5 and FOV quake pro.
  • MC-10532 – Minecraft has stopped running because it encountered a problem; Ticking player.
  • MC-10533 – Same redstone line, two different redstone level.
  • MC-10558 – Internal error when using /effect with an id >31.