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Java Edition 1.8.1-pre1.png

Java Edition



Fecha de publicación

15 de octubre de 2014

Pre-release para



Cliente (.json)
Servidor (.exe)

Versión de protocolo


1.8.1-pre1 es el primer pre-lanzamiento para Java Edition 1.8.1.[1]


Formato de comando[]

Reglas de juego
  • doEntityDrops - funciona como doTileDrops pero se aplica a las entidades en su lugar.[2]



Calabazas talladas


  • Los arcos ya no están al revés cuando se mantienen en el inventario.
  • Se han cambiado algunos colores.
Poción de salto
  • Ahora se puede extender con piedra roja, como cualquier otra poción.


  • Ya no huyen de los creepers.
Soporte para armaduras
  • Se ha añadido la etiqueta Marker.

Generación de mundo[]

Cabaña de brujas
  • Las cabañas de brujas recién generadas pueden generar brujas entre Y=64 e Y=71.

Formato de comando[]

Reglas de juego
  • doTileDrops ya no afecta a las entidades.


  • Ryan Holtz (TheMogMiner) y Michael Stoyke (Searge) ahora son mencionados en los créditos.


  • Se renombró "Ajustes del multijugador" a "Ajustes del Chat" de 1.5.x y más bajo.
  • Varias mejoras.


64 errores solucionados
De versiones publicadas antes de 1.8.1
  • MC-3 – Player facing changes when passing through nether portals in certain cases.
  • MC-1607 – Ghost End Portal in The End / Missing layer with AMD/ATI graphics cards.
  • MC-6594 – Non-living entities (boats, minecarts, falling sand, item frames, paintings) drop items even if doTileDrops is set to false
  • MC-37782 – Items held by witches are too small and held incorrectly.
  • MC-45537 – Cannot place buttons under stairs or slabs, or on top of upside-down stairs or slabs.
  • MC-46579 – Items are too high on the arm in 3rd person mode while sneaking.
  • MC-48011 – Ender dragon experience drops are not affected by doMobLoot gamerule.
  • MC-48130/fill replace command not filling when clicking tab.
  • MC-49126 – Glowstone crystal formations are missing their bottom layers.
  • MC-49538 – Achievement "Overpowered" Has misleading icon.
  • MC-53718 – Chicken jockey riding inside chicken.
  • MC-54551 – Resizing window while in Customized World Settings snaps back to Customized Settings page 1.
  • MC-54707 – Command: /setblock minecraft:sign produces a confusing error message.
  • MC-56574/tellraw open_url isn't showing url.
  • MC-58307 – Air bubbles appear after drowning and still dead.
  • MC-59216 – Unable to build iron golem and snow golem with jack o'lantern.
  • MC-59360 – Levers pop off non-solid blocks.
  • MC-62140 – 2 block tall flowers generated in previous version removes the 2nd block.
  • MC-62758 – Tall flowers drop two items when block below is broken.
  • MC-63466Ctrl +Pick Block gives a Steve head instead of a head with the owner's skin.
  • MC-64082 – Enchantment options for individual players are reset after death. KeepInventory does not have any effect.
  • MC-64427/worldborder , /scoreboard and /debug with invalid arguments don't print an error message.
  • MC-64773/particle auto-completion.
  • MC-64846 – Cannot extend Potion of Leaping to eight minutes using redstone in a brewing stand.
  • MC-65603 – Ender dragon does not obey NoAI tag.
  • MC-65834 – Snow layers placed against the side of a block are placed one block too far out.
  • MC-65945 – Enderman blocks look weird when invisible.
  • MC-66324/clone has incomplete syntax.
  • MC-66658/kill does not tab auto-complete with a player's name.
  • MC-66786 – Incorrect death message for dispensed harming potions.
  • MC-66861 – when press Tab ↹ on /entitydata, players pop up.
  • MC-66922 – <effect> argument in /effect does not show clear in help syntax.
  • MC-68160 – Placing a colored banner on a cactus drops a black banner.
  • MC-68247 – Beacon Beam disappears while looking upwards from it.
  • MC-68400 – Creative Inventory vert. scrollbar changes without scrolling.
  • MC-68654 – Tab Complete - /effect and /enchant.
  • MC-68745/resourcepacks/ folder is not automatically created when initially starting the game.
  • MC-68891 – Mobs think daylight sensor is a full block, causing them to jump while trying to get off it.
  • MC-69266 – Snow layer placing behavior buggy and inconsistent.
  • MC-69323 – Certain commands do not allow tab completing coordinate arguments.
  • MC-69823/debug help text wrong.
  • MC-69983 – Multiplayer Settings named wrongly.
  • MC-69984 – The "Defaults" popup on the customized world generation options screen doesn't disable hovering over stuff behind it.
  • MC-69989 – Debug worlds generate one column twice.
  • MC-70054 – Rabbits don't follow players holding golden carrots or dandelions.
  • MC-70111 – When a thrown enderpearl is in the air, it disappears after relogging.
  • MC-70305 – "Sprint" is in the wrong category in controls screen.
  • MC-70308 – Bottom outline is missing in the Controls screen buttons.
  • MC-70338 – Hopper: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space - creating debug image whilst stitching textures.
  • MC-70359 – Block breaking remains when eating/blocking with a sword.
  • MC-70431 – Minecraft 1.8 skin bug! (Layered skin in the right arm, is not completely shown in first person).
  • MC-70565 – When opening a chest in modded servers Minecraft crashes continuously.
  • MC-70675 – End credits make no mention of Ryan Holtz (TheMogMiner) or Michael Stoyke (Searge).
  • MC-71777/achievement take taking too many achievements.
  • MC-71981 – Uploading a hardcore world to Realms retains auto-ban.
  • MC-72583doTileDrops affects item frames.
  • MC-72868 – Mobs glitch through the ground under certain conditions.
  • MC-72869 – The 'Defaults' button on the Customized world screen does not disable itself after use.
  • MC-72871 – Resizing the game makes buttons on "Defaults" popup on Customized world GUI disappear.
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-46809/say not showing villager entity data if 'CustomName' provided.
  • MC-47987 – Entering a mobs view in spectator mode does not change if world is changed.
  • MC-61844 – Creepers target iron golems, causing terrain damage without interaction of a player.
  • MC-64598 – Creative search tab text becomes offset.
  • MC-65276 – Bow is upside down when held.


Esta versión se eliminó previamente del lanzador por algún tiempo, pero fue añadida de vuelta en septiembre 2018.