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Java Edition

Fecha de publicación

December 10, 2013[1]

Versiones de desarrollo
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Versión de protocolo


1.7.4 es una actualización que incluye – entre otras cosas – una nueva pantalla de bienvenida de Mojang, Twitch.tv broadcasting y el jinete avicola. Si bien no es la última actualización a 1.7, es la última antes de que se inicien las instantáneas de 1.8.



One click broadcasting to Twitch.tv[2]
  • Microphone can be recorded too.
  • Chat integration in the game.[3]
  • Several new settings[4]
    • Twitch broadcast settings
      • Quality, framerate, bandwidth, send metadata, mic volume, system volume and compression
    • Twitch chat settings
      • Enable and user filter


  • New 'Notch' shader


Chicken jockey
  • Consist of a baby zombie riding and controlling a chicken
    • Because the zombie is riding a chicken, it cannot take fall damage
    • As it is a baby zombie it will not burn up if exposed to daylight
  • Extremely rare - every baby zombie spawned has a very small chance of spawning as a chicken jockey
  • Zombie pigmen chicken jockeys can spawn in the nether



New Mojang splash screen
  • Logo is now red instead of red-orange, has 2 square corners, and the rounded corners are rounder. The text is black instead of orange, the font weight is lighter (bold instead of black), and the face appears to be a custom hybrid of Insignia and Code pro.
  • Mojang splash screen can no longer be changed in resource packs
Minecraft Realms
  • Servers now have an icon which is the face of the owner's skin
  • Config screen is modified, layout changed


  • The sharpness enchantment now affects the "attack damage" attribute.
Rideable entities
  • When dismounting entities players are no longer moved as far
Tab key
  • If all auto-completable options begin the same, tab will fill up the beginning - Example: /gamerule doM completes to /gamerule doMob
Video settings
  • Advanced OpenGL option in "video settings" was removed


  • Sheep with the custom name "jeb_" change their colour, fading between all 16 wool colours [5]
    • Commonly referred to as "rainbow sheep", "disco sheep", or "Jeb sheep"
    • Color changes are visually only; does not affect wool drops


40 bugs fixed

  • MC-190 – Misaligned textures on south and east faces for non-full blocks
  • MC-2488 – The Unicode font is illegible in fullscreen mode
  • MC-5002 – Some texts can't be translated in a language file
  • MC-11129 – Unicode font text shadow in fullscreen mode
  • MC-12413 – Furnace GUI - "full" arrow texture always drawn on leftmost column
  • MC-12598 – In inventory, right-click done after a left-click will be ignored if done within double-click time interval
  • MC-12964 – Server performance issue: chunk coordinates use a bad hash function
  • MC-14323 – Minimizing other windows open, resizes Minecraft window
  • MC-15100 – Minecraft "flashes white" when going to the main menu
  • MC-16259 – Enchantments not showing stats in tooltip
  • MC-19021 - Music discs cannot be renamed in Resource Packs
  • MC-22467 – Unable to make a tamed wolf sit after shooting yourself
  • MC-23132 – Click or right-click stuck on OS X
  • MC-26102 – OS X fullscreen is not supported
  • MC-29340 – Tab causes line leftovers
  • MC-29469 – Unable to take screenshot in GUI or active chat line
  • MC-30300 – Minecraft mac command key glitch
  • MC-30537 – Flower duplication glitch
  • MC-31006 – Adventuring time — list of visited biomes resets on login
  • MC-31388 – Right clicking a flower pot that has certain plants in it while holding another plant replaces the one in the flower pot with the one you're holding
  • MC-31622 – Wrong render distance beyond 8 and more chunks settings
  • MC-32053 – Weird glass texture
  • MC-33035 – Loading text in Polish (and other languages with Unicode font) isn't showing properly
  • MC-34573 – Font file of Unicode Page C2 (Korean) shows character '숼'(U+C23C) at the position of '쉴'(U+C274)
  • MC-35643 – Items with enchantment effect cause blocks and potion effects indicator to not render
  • MC-35658 – Water too transparent
  • MC-35797 – Background rendering issues when picking up enchanted items / caption of containers white
  • MC-35897 – Damaged armour, tools & weapons placed in certain inventory slots cause other slots to go black
  • MC-36159 – Graphical glitch on beacon effects in inventory screen
  • MC-36383 – Translucent parts of stained glass not visible in 3rd person mode
  • MC-36395 – Weird rendering of transparent blocks on the 0-axis[6]
  • MC-36482 – Upon exiting (shift click) minecart, the range and criteria is drastically off, up to 8 blocks away
  • MC-36705 – Block held in 3rd person rendered incorrectly
  • MC-36772 – Enchanted items have big enchant around whole item
  • MC-37106 – All the textures are flipped/mirrored on north/east sides of blocks
  • MC-37358 – Records do not get played in full but rather will be stopped playing
  • MC-40255 – Falling invisible slime causes "blue screen"
  • MC-41135 – Players become invisible+immune for PvP damage, after being killed and relogging instead of respawning
  • MC-41165SetSlot packet can no longer set item under cursor
  • MC-41508Hopper: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not a JSON Object: "\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\


1.7.4 pre[]

Se necesita traducir el contenido de este artículo. 
El texto presente se encuentra en otro idioma y dificulta la comprensión de los lectores. Puede colaborar traduciéndolo.




Fecha de publicación

December 9, 2013[1]


Client (.json)

1.7.4-pre is the second pre-release for 1.7.4.


3 bugs fixed

From released versions before 1.7.4

  • MC-12964 – Server performance issue: Chunk coordinates use a bad hash function

From the previous pre-release

  • MC-41623 – "Force Unicode Font" button in languages section of the options doesn't work if GUI Scale is set to "Auto"
  • MC-41668 – "Old graphics card detected" Watermark on title screen is in quotes