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Java Edition

Fecha de publicación

November 20, 2012

Versión de protocolo


Otros casos
de 1.4.5
  • Ejecutable de la Edición Java

1.4.5 was released to fix some of the bugs and crashes in 1.4.4. It is compatible with 1.4.4 servers.



? bugs fixed

  • Fixed LAN servers not connecting correctly

From released versions before 1.4.5

  • MC-63 – Singleplayer Item Doubling Glitch
  • MC-113 – Wolves will teleport to player when player goes far enough from where the wolves are and the chunk unloads
  • MC-161 – Random floating gravel
  • MC-168 – Lag on some superflat maps
  • MC-169 – Pickup sound after following arrow into portal
  • MC-232 – Wolf attacks once, then stops attacking
  • MC-245 – Falling of a block
  • MC-274 – [SMP ONLY] When using water on mob heads, for some players the head appears to be a skeleton
  • MC-280 – Die suffocated on the wall
  • MC-305 – Blocks are not shaded when selected in beacon GUI.
  • MC-326 – When in an already created world using 1.3.2 using the Anvil with any enchanted item crashes the game.
  • MC-332 – Pet wolf / dog
  • MC-333 – Invisibility on riding entities not working properly
  • MC-343 – Animals getting stuck in blocks and die
  • MC-356 – Chunks won't load after /tp
  • MC-396 – Falling Through Half-Slabs
  • MC-481 – Entites of players and mobs stay after leaving/Exploding
  • MC-520 – Cave sounds being cut off
  • MC-596 – Getting hurt by skeletons when in peaceful
  • MC-629 – Lag issue in Minecraft 1.4.2
  • MC-730 – Slimes having choppy movement
  • MC-733 – Extreme framerate drop
  • MC-734 – Wither skeletons not spawning in pre-generated fortress
  • MC-759 – Arrows shot into bottom of block cannot be picked back up
  • MC-773 – Partial transparent entity
  • MC-851 – Memory leak
  • MC-898 – Invisible Zombies
  • MC-901 – Teleporting using a Command Block and pressure plates occasionally stick a player into a block
  • MC-903 – Client crash when logging in to 1.4.2 server
  • MC-928 – Wood block doesn't break
  • MC-946 – Command Blocks losing command data on SMP
  • MC-968 – Back from the Nether glitch
  • MC-978 – Maps in item frame in multiplayer
  • MC-993 – Console Stack Trace :: Invalid argument
  • MC-994 – Minecraft sound glitch
  • MC-1031 – Can place blocks but cannot break solid blocks
  • MC-1043 – Minecraft 1.4.2 Lag Issue
  • MC-1059 – Servere bug that does not allow me to play on my own server
  • MC-1074 – FPS fluctuation
  • MC-1173java.lang.ClassCastException: amg cannot be cast to amb
  • MC-1232 – Blocks drop when you place a torch on them and mine them for a few seconds
  • MC-1282 – Cannot exit nether portal in nether while open trap doors are adjacent to the portal
  • MC-1289 – Zombie Fall damage irregular
  • MC-1296 – Sound bug with arrows in water
  • MC-1346 – Shooting a bow while in a boat causes the shot to be way off
  • MC-1477 – Spider jockey skeleton takes damage in daylight, but does not appear to be on fire
  • MC-1479 – Can't click in creative menu to get an item from it, must use keyboard
  • MC-1557 – Enchanted items should appear enchanted when dropped on the ground
  • MC-1563 – Command blocks teleporting wrong
  • MC-1621 – Ender Chests still have the old collision box and bounding box
  • MC-1919 – Tamed wolves won't get up
  • MC-1965 – Double Digit Maps erase info on earlier maps
  • MC-1997 – Spawners (edit: and possibly other blocks) disappear when torches are removed
  • MC-2118 – When using 'pick block' on leaves, even though are already leaves in hotbar, you will get a new leaves block in the first empty slot
  • MC-2132 – Superflat problem
  • MC-2151 – When I opened the game, I was in a place where I wasn't when I closed it
  • MC-2158 – Roughly every 24 hours, Minecraft server enters a state where players cannot connect
  • MC-2170 – Dispensers are firing towards one side depending on the direction
  • MC-2259 – Stacking anvil graphical glitch
  • MC-2401 – On SMP When using a shovel to destroy dirt/sand no block lag, without a shovel block lags
  • MC-2458 – Boats can pass through walls
  • MC-2497 – Weird random flames from torches/spawners are appearing
  • MC-2498 – Spawning baby wolves from wild ones
  • MC-2500 – Spawning baby villagers creates farmer baby villagers only
  • MC-2507 – Entering IPv6 server crashes the client
  • MC-2508 – Last page of /help missing
  • MC-2513 – Flying bug with damage
  • MC-2590 – Entities teleporting to and from origin in multiplayer
  • MC-2704 – Potion bubbles glitch when you're in minecart
  • MC-2796 – Enchanted pickaxe works better than shovel
  • MC-2910 – 1285 Out of Memory ### GL ERROR ###
  • MC-3003 – Skeleton will always pick up items
  • MC-3163 – Rail turnout bug
  • MC-3239 – Spawner flame remaining
  • MC-4525 – In full screen mode the panorama background on the menu screen is not shown
  • MC-4552 – Firework crackline effect sound not playing when mutlible rockets explode