Edición Java 1.7.5

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Fecha de lanzamiento

February 26, 2014[1]

1.7.5 is primarily an update to Minecraft Realms. It is compatible with 1.7.2 - 1.7.4 servers.

Changes[editar | editar código]

Minecraft realms
  • Main menu button only appears if you have any realms on the version you're playing.
  • Now able to temporarily turn a minecraft realm into a mini game
  • Can switch between mini-games and your main world
  • Choose from a list of mini games:
    • Cake defense 2, by FVDisco
    • Blocks vs. zombies, by Sethbling
    • The walls, by Hypixel
    • Autospleef, by Sethbling
    • Dash of doom, by Dragnoz
  • Preparations to bring minecraft realms to more countries
  • Several server-side performance improvements

Fixes[editar | editar código]

4 bugs fixed

  • MC-12545 – Certain "stacked" riding mob spawners crash the game
  • MC-42174 – Chicken Jockeys causing lag on Multiplayer servers
  • MC-46329 – Realms player count is no longer updating
  • MC-47857 – Realms Backups "No" button doesn't work

References[editar | editar código]