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This is a tutorial on how to make a doorbell with note blocks and redstone.

Always remember that you need a block of space above a note block.

The Basic Outlook[]

  • There are many ways to create note block songs, please note that some methods use external programs.
  • You can convert any song you want into note block. This can be used with and external application called Note Block Studio created by Davve.
  • First of all you need a midi version of your song. If your song is not midi, don't worry. There are many converters on the internet.
  • Second you should open your song which can be done by pressing 'Load' then find your .midi file and import it.
  • Then play it to see how it sounds. Also please note that in the top right, if it mentions that it is 'Not compatible'. Which you can fix by clicking the button and then pressing fix.
  • Now go to File → Export as Schematic, and choose your own options there.
  • While it is exporting download MCEdit, this will be the application to import the schematic into your Minecraft World.
  • Open your work in MCEdit and Import the Schematic you just exported and place it wherever you will in your world. Wait for it to load.
  • Press CTRL S to save your world. Close MCEDIT, and open up your Minecraft world.


  • Always remember to have no water nearby otherwise all of your redstone will get destroyed
  • If you have a lot of redstone then it might be helpful to color code or label what part does what incase it breaks
  • You can write your own music using the piano at the bottom and you can change the instrument by pressing the buttons with a note block behind an other block.


  • Punch a note block or use a redstone signal to play it
  • Tap with the place block button to change the pitch of the note block
  • Remember that redstone dust activates all of the blocks around it, not just one.


By placing Repeaters and note blocks in lines, it is possible to play multiple times. Another way is to put noteblocks under detector rails, so as you ride along you can play the song of your choice!

Other things[]


  • doorbell

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