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Usually when people have outposts in other biomes, they travel there via Minecart.

But by using maths, you can get there via Nether Portal!


10 Obsidian (or 14 if you want to fill in the corners with obsidian)

A flint and steel

And These Facts[]

X- Increases East, decreases West.

Y- Increases by height, decreases by depth.

Z- Increases South, decreases North.

You can relocate Portals in the nether using a little math.


1. Nether portal. If you don't have one, make one.

2. Find your desired location you want to travel to.

3. Note the coordinates of the area, then divide the X and Z values by 8 (by 3 if playing on Xbox 360 or PS3, Ps4 and Xbox One are an exeption as they have PC sized worlds!). You can ignore the Y value.

4. Go through your portal & head to those divided coordinates. Try to place yourself at about the same elevation, then make your portal. You should come out about where you were previously.

Note: This works because one block in the nether is equal to eight blocks in the over world. For example, to travel 800 blocks in the over world, you would only need to travel 100 blocks in the nether.