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The general statistics screen.

Statistics are a game feature that allows players to track how many times they have completed certain tasks.

Statistics are divided into four sections: General, Blocks, Items and Mobs. The General screen displays a multitude of generic statistics which are listed in the table below. The Blocks screen displays the number of times different blocks have been crafted, used (placed), mined, picked up and dropped. The Items screen displays the number of times different items have been depleted, crafted, used to destroy blocks, picked up and dropped. The Mob screen shows for each different types of mobs how many the player has killed, or the number of deaths caused by those mobs. The buttons at the top of the Blocks and Items screens can be used to sort the list.

Statistics are only present in the computer version. The Console Edition replaces statistics with leaderboards, but the Pocket Edition has no equivalent of statistics.

List of general statistics[]

Statistic name Description Stat ID
Games quit The number of times "Save and quit to title" has been clicked. stat.leaveGame
Minutes Played The total amount of time played. This is not necessarily displayed in minutes - it displays in seconds, minutes, hours or days whichever makes the most sense. If the game is paused this number ceases to increase. If "5.50 h" is displayed this means that you have played for 5 hours and 30 minutes (not 50 minutes). stat.playOneMinute
Since Last Death The time since the player's last death. stat.timeSinceDeath
Sneak Time The time the player has held down the sneak button. stat.sneakTime
Distance Walked The total distance walked. stat.walkOneCm
Distance Crouched The total distance walked while sneaking. stat.crouchOneCm
Distance Sprinted The total distance sprinted. stat.sprintOneCm
Distance Swum The total distance swum. Wading through water also increases this number. It does not include vertical distance from bouncing in water. stat.swimOneCm
Distance Fallen The total distance fallen, excluding jumping. If the player falls more than one block, the entire jump is counted. stat.fallOneCm
Distance Climbed The total distance traveled up ladders or vines. stat.climbOneCm
Distance Flown Distance traveled upwards and forwards at the same time, while more than one block above the ground. stat.flyOneCm
Distance Dove The total distance you have walked underwater. stat.diveOneCm
Distance by Minecart The total distance traveled by minecarts. stat.minecartOneCm
Distance by Boat The total distance traveled by boats. stat.boatOneCm
Distance by Pig The total distance traveled by pigs via saddles. stat.pigOneCm
Distance by Horse The total distance traveled by horses. stat.horseOneCm
Distance by Elytra The total distance traveled by elytra. stat.aviateOneCm
Jumps The total number of jumps performed. stat.jump
Damage Dealt The amount of damage the player has dealt in tenths 1 (). Only includes melee attacks. stat.damageDealt
Damage Taken The amount of damage the player has taken in tenths of 1 (). stat.damageTaken
Number of Deaths The number of times the player died. stat.deaths
Mob Kills The number of mobs the player killed. stat.mobKills
Player Kills The number of players the player killed (on PvP servers). Indirect kills do not count. stat.playerKills
Items Dropped The number of items dropped. This does not include items dropped upon death. stat.drop
Items Enchanted The number of items enchanted. stat.itemEnchanted
Animals Bred The number of times the player bred two mobs. stat.animalsBred
Fish Caught The number of fish caught. stat.fishCaught
Talked to Villagers The number of times interacted with villagers (opened the trading GUI). stat.talkedToVillager
Traded with Villagers The number of times traded with villagers. stat.tradedWithVillager
Cake Slices Eaten The number of cake slices eaten. stat.cakeSlicesEaten
Cauldrons Filled The number of times the player filled cauldrons with water buckets. stat.cauldronFilled
Water Taken from Cauldron The number of times the player took water from cauldrons with glass bottles. stat.cauldronUsed
Armor Pieces Cleaned The number of dyed leather armors washed with a cauldron. stat.armorCleaned
Banners Cleaned The number of banner patterns washed with a cauldron. stat.bannerCleaned
Interactions with Brewing Stand The number of times interacted with brewing stands. stat.brewingstandInteraction
Interactions with Beacon The number of times interacted with beacons. stat.beaconInteraction
Interactions with Crafting Table The number of times interacted with crafting tables. stat.craftingTableInteraction
Interactions with Furnace The number of times interacted with furnaces. stat.furnaceInteraction
Dispensers Searched The number of times interacted with dispensers. stat.dispenserInspected
Droppers Searched The number of times interacted with droppers. stat.dropperInspected
Hoppers Searched The number of times interacted with hoppers. stat.hopperInspected
Chests Opened The number of times the player opened chests. stat.chestOpened
Trapped Chests Triggered The number of times the player opened trapped chests. stat.trappedChestTriggered
Ender Chests Opened The number of times the player opened ender chests. stat.enderchestOpened
Noteblocks played The number of note blocks hit. stat.noteblockPlayed
Noteblocks tuned The number of times interacted with note blocks. stat.noteblockTuned
Plants potted The number of plants potted onto flower pots. stat.flowerPotted
Records Played The number of music discs played on a jukebox. stat.recordPlayed
Times Slept in a Bed The number of times the player has slept in a bed. stat.sleepInBed
Shulker Boxes Opened The number of times the player has opened a Shulker Box. stat.shulkerBoxOpened


Statistics are stored in .minecraft/saves/world name/stats/uuid.json (world name/stats/uuid.json on servers). They keep track of these stats, as well as achievements earned. The file structure is JSON based; it looks like this:


Statistics are stored in the stats-change section. All of these fields are empty unless they need updating. For example, until you jump, the number of times you've jumped will not be recorded. Distance is stored in centimeters, and time is stored in ticks (where one tick equals 0.052 seconds). An example entry for Games Quit:




March 18, 2011Notch talked about statistics (along with achievements) on his blog post:
Notchface.png Achievements will NOT be chores like “cut down 10000 trees”, but rather challenges like “ride a pig off a cliff”. Stats, however, will be used to keep track of how many trees you have cut down. The long term plan is to show achievements and stats from the profile page on minecraft.net as well, in case you want to brag.
Notch on his blog[1]
1.5Added statistics.
May 24, 2011Saving of stats online was considered for Beta 1.6, but was considered too error prone at that point.
Official release
1.7.213w36aStatistics are now stored per world instead of globally.
Added Distance by Horse, Animals Bred, Junk Fished and Treasure Fished.
Removed Times Played, Worlds created, Saves loaded, and Multiplayer joins.
1.7.6Statistics file names are now UUIDs instead of player names. The names of existing files are converted.
1.8February 24, 2014Searge posts an image of Distance Crouched and Distance Sprinted.
14w10aAdded Distance Crouched, Distance Sprinted and Since Last Death.
14w30aAdded Talked to Villagers and Traded with Villagers. the following statistics:
Cake Slices Eaten, Cauldrons Filled, Water Taken from Cauldron, Armor Pieces Cleaned, Banners Cleaned, Interactions with Brewing Stand, Interactions with Beacon, Droppers Searched, Hoppers Searched, Dispensers Searched, Noteblocks played, Noteblocks tuned, Plants potted, Trapped Chests Triggered, Ender Chests Opened, Items Enchanted, Records Played, Interactions with Furnace, Interactions with Crafting Table, and Chests Opened
1.915w32aAdded Sneak Time.
15w33aAdded statistics for items picked up and dropped.
15w38aAdded Times Slept in a Bed.
15w49aAdded Distance by Elytra.
1.11.116w50aRemoved Junk Fished and Treasure Fished.


Issues relating to “Statistics” are maintained on the issue tracker. Report issues there.


  • The statistics ignore metadata. As such, all types of wood, wool, saplings, and dye will be counted as the same item. Coal and charcoal are also treated as the same.
    • As such, on the items tab, there is no tooltip on ink sac. This is because ink sac has the damage value (0) of the dye ID.
  • "Times Crafted" includes smelting, such as smelting wood for charcoal.
  • When cocoa pod is viewed in the statistics list their full texture is shown, this includes the top of the pod as-well as the side.
  • The statistics do not keep track of the number of snow golems, iron golems or withers that the player has killed, or the number of times the player has been killed by these mobs.



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